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Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels (4/9/22): Syndergaard vs Verlander, no Fletcher or Adell

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I saw the first inning on opening night (not even that, saw Ohtanis first 2 batters faced), came back and saw Trout walk.

Havent seen anything else, and maybe caught one inning of spring on the radio.

So Im clueless to everything not Trout / Ohtani.

But reference the lineup... I know Fletcher took a massive step backwards last 2 years. But wouldnt Marsh make more sense leading off? Isnt he pretty good at working counts and getting on base?

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Once again I had to fork out money to escape Blue Jay media dominance in Canadian media. Unfortunately MLB Extra Innings only shows a maximum of eleven games at a time and are selective so not all games are available on any given night. The Angels games naturally weren't shown. But this weekend they are so I get to see firsthand the team apparently already starting with a mini slump. 

By the stats I see Trout and Ohtani are off to slow starts at the plate. And if they aren't leading then things get tough. And pitching again looks vulnerable. Hopefully Syndegaard can get off to a great start and build some momentum for a split of the series. Damned Astros always are tough! 


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17 minutes ago, Stradling said:

Like playing any of those three is worse than playing Fletcher. 

Shots fired!


I'm concerned you might be right, but you gotta think that the major reason for not addressing the middle infield is an expectation that Fletcher will bounce back and be considerably better than what we get from the rest of the group.

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24 minutes ago, Second Base said:

You know things are going well when you're supposed to be a "contender" and 1/3 of your lineup consists of Duffy, Rojas and Wade. 

I mean the Asstros have Goodrum (Who), Castro (he's still playing? guess i rather have him than Suzuki) and McCormick in the lineup...so nothing big....The only difference is their big hitters have produced, ours besides Walsh, are shitting the bed! 

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