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Trouts mentality

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Trout's post-game comments about the A's earlier this week were pretty depressing:



"We have good teams like the Oakland A's. They're grinding, they're playing 100 percent every pitch. You can't take anything away from them. When they're down, they just keep fighting and fighting and fighting. That's what we need to start doing."

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We should sign Tebow to pitch. Dude pitched in HS. Seriously, I don't see how it would hurt. If anything it would help is get a better draft pick in 2014 if HE imploded on the mound every appearance.

That would sure bring in a lot of media attention and probably drive up ticket sales for this clown show team, lol

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I thought I like to wear tinfoil hats.


You guys are funny.  Really.


Trout regressing has nothing to do with commercials, pay raises, fame, shadowpeople (ok maybe), or sloth Scioscia (one in the same?)


Trout regressing has everything to do with him...regressing.  It was expected.  By everyone.  Even 3% of the people here.


The big, worrisome question is what exactly will become his norm?


My concern right now isn't as much his offense, though it bothers me a bit.  It's the other tools that seem whack too.  It's like a different player.


A fat one (ok, eeeeeeeasy now).

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The Trout we love never would have missed that fly ball in the 9th.? Is it the insult of no pay raise the doldrums of coaching staff players etc. Everyone seems lost dumbfounded and uninspired wtf is going on with the Angels.? As I write this poobear hit a banger. Thoughts por favor.

Bourjos would've caught that.


And before anyone comes in and says "but Trout is only a good offensive player if he's in his natrual position", I'd argue if that's true that proves Cabrera actually does deserve credit for moving positions for the sake of his team.

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They took a 21yo who had the best rookie season of all time and switched him to a less natural position where he hadn't gotten many reps. Granted, it made the most sense as the guy replacing him is a better cf defender. Turns out trout is a decent but not great lfer as of yet.

It was a distraction. Along with the increased hype, contract renewal etc. two games into a move back to cf and he has a miscue. Give the guy a chance to get his cf bearings back.

Also, the league has a full year of film on him now.

Finally, he's 21. Twenty freakin one years old.

He gets some grace.

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That ball was definitely uncatchable. Even if he had put his glove in the right spot there was no possible way the ball would have gone in there. He wouldn't have made it if he played it any differently. LOL @ anyone implying otherwise. They are just spewing hyperbole ad nauseum ad hominem strawman obfuscate deflection cum hoc ergo propter hoc.

But he did misplay it.

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Terry said most other outfielders wouldn't have gotten to the ball...in this case it might have actually hurt us. 


I can't believe he helped the ball go over. This team is bringing even our brightest star into the shadows. 


He hasn't been smiling much, not that there's been much to smile about, that's for sure.


Not really sure whats going on. Not seeing a lot of encouraging attitudes in the dugout.


They took a 21yo who had the best rookie season of all time and switched him to a less natural position where he hadn't gotten many reps.


Well, Trout was playing center tonight. Maybe Bourjos would have caught it?

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