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Angels sign Mat Latos


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The Angels have signed Mat Latos, who was released by the Dodgers. He will not be eligible for the postseason. They need some arms.


Mat Latos, 27, had a 4.95 ERA this year between MIA, LAD. With Shoemaker, Weaver having issues, Angels need rotation help, plus pen depth

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Holy balls nice


Couldn't hurt at this point **** ya


EDIT: How long did we sign him for? This could be something to help us next year as well! 


Latos will make ML minimum for the remainder of the regular season, then hit free agency in the winter. Can be eligible for Game 163, too.

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I remember now, it was a SF announcer...Latos had a big melt-down with the Giants a few years back.
Then Posey took him deep for a grand slam, and he garnered comments like this one..
"Latos is the perfect example of everything I would never want my sons to become. Arrogant winner...sore loser...poor sportsman all around."


It's still talked about in Giants circles..

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I wouldn't start Weaver in Texas if we're still looking for a playoff spot.

By the way, Jered's road ERA this year is 6.33, record of 3-10, with 17 HR in 85 IP.

If it came down to starting weaver or Latos, I would rather live and die with weaver. More than likely they both do horrible, but weaver as a career long angel and a pitcher who has emotional ties to the team is the guy they have to go with. Latos seems like he would give up 7 runs and shrug it off because he knows it's meaningless to him.

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On paper, a great signing. Before struggling this year he was a legit #2-3 type. The Angels get a nice pitcher for the next week and a half. If things work out with him, then they have first dibs on singing him to a one-year "reclaim your value" contract that would solidify the rotation for next year.


Of course if he's really that much of a douche, "on paper" goes out the window. Maybe he's learned his lesson, I don't know.

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