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LG V10 (Aka G4 Pro)


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Guess LG is going to make 2 phones of the G4.  With the upcoming pro being the phablet size.


Rumors I'm seeing so far.


Snapdragon 820 processor

4 gb ram

32 or 64 gb with a mini sd card capabilities

5.8 inches, G4 is 5.5


No mention of removable battery


Camera will be 27 MP rear camera


Here is an interesting thing that no one seems to know if it's true or not.  The front will have a secondary screen.  




Notice in the above link.  The left picture.  The front camera and sensor seems to be part of the screen, or it could be the secondary screen.  It'll be interesting to see if this is a notification screen?  Because it's also rumored to have a fingerprint scanner.  Which it may be on the back in the middle of the volume keys.


Supposed to launch in October.  


One thing that was rumored, and is for sure not going to be part of this is the 3d dual camera.  So maybe the LG G5?


Either way, I like the new things they are adding.  

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LG G4 Pro launches as LG V10 with dual screens & premium specs: LG V10 UK release date, price, features, specifications & pictures



Some interesting things they are trying to do.  I would have prefered dual rear cameras. But two frontal cameras will be interesting to see what can be done with it.  In the past, it was rumored to have dual fronts for 3D photo taking.  So it will be interesting to see if someone makes an app that utilizes this.  I personally would of preferred the second screen to be epaper, so that it truely can be on at all times without much battery drain.  


But overall, this is a very different phone than all the others.  

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"dual screen"

as in a main screen and a ticker.


nice to see some variations though.

phones are essentially commoditized at this point.


i want someone to make a touch screen on the back. i dont know why. and i dont have any neat use cases.

but it seems like it could be cool. 

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Picked mine up on Friday. I am coming from a Galaxy S6 edge which I wasn't pleased with. I started having problems with it so I decided to try the V10.


I am loving this phone so far. I dig the second screen which seems like LG has done well. I can control my music from it without turning on the main screen which is a plus.


The battery seems to be good so far.....especially compared to my Galaxy S6 edge.


I have only taken a few photos but the camera seems to be pretty decent.


It is a big phone but it is super nice.


They also had a deal that I get a 200gb micro sd card and a extra battery and charging cradle.

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I'm hoping they incorporate a few of these features in the G5.  So is the second screen really robust?  how is the front facing dual cameras?  I'm interested if there is anything special these can do yet.  

The second screen is small but useful. I really like it. The dual front facing cameras are cool. I've only messed around with it a couple of times but the selfie's are way wider than other cameras.

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