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Lorenzo Cain


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It is hard to tell on tv.  I actually think the praise Cain has gotten this postseason is deserved, unlike that of almost everyone else (especially Hosmer and Moustakas).   He's become a very nice player.  His defensive metrics have been off the charts for two years now.  They were pretty good before that.

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Maybe it's just that his incessant sliding/diving catches give me nightmares about the ALDS, but does he bug anyone else? It almost looks like he purposely holds back so that he can make the catch in a fancy way. Like Chad Curtis.


That would be Angel Pagan.

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Players don't purposely make catches look more difficult to be on the highlights. Especially in the World Series Sure, there are plays every game where a player didn't need to dive, but there are several legitimate reasons for doing so.  A player may be more comfortable diving as opposed to trying to make a shoestring catch.  Diving may give them a better chance to knock the ball down if they don't catch it... as opposed to the ball getting by them completely. They may dive unnecessarily to avoid a situation where they are caught in between, possible leading to an injury. These plays are made in real time under real conditions, not from your seat in the stands or on the couch during a slow motion replay.   

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I think he's a pretty good ballplayer and very good OF'er..........and he can throw as well.


no knock on Cain -- he's been a key guy with his defense in CF and RF during the playoffs..........


When they have Gordon in LF and then two CF's out there (Dyson in CF and Cain in RF) may be the best defensive OF in baseball.


as for Cain, he's GA like in getting the read, but unlike GA, he runs hard after the ball and leaves his feet..........

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Give him 10 years, $250M, and a 10 year personal services contract; that will end his career before next season starts.

MLB banned personal services contracts shortly after the Pujols deal was finalized. 

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