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Welcome to Russia

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Un****ing real.


The funny thing is the government can blatantly make these comments and try to push it and no one will do anything. They always push safety or some bullshit, but when passed just overstep regular citizen rights.


This is also the kind of shit that makes me think 9/11 and all the terrorism shit is government perpetrated. Not advocating anything......we see how dumb the government is to knee jerk and do shit like the Patriot Act and Frank-Dodd with the financial crisis.

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I'm not interested in anything that makes it easier for the government to spy on its citizens.  They have already proven untrustworthy in that arena.


Not only that but the FBI has no business telling any private corporation what to do regarding their technology unless what they are creating is a threat to privacy.  Certainly not telling them to create tech that is a threat.  Total bullshit.

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“We are struggling to keep up with changing technology and to maintain our ability to actually collect the communications we are authorized to collect.”

I guess me finally getting an iPhone 5 ended my struggles to keep up with technology. You guys are way behind us normal folk.



I have said it many times, as much as Obama sucks, a POTUS does not run this country.  If you don't hear from me again I got whisked away. 

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