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Who is most to blame?



59 members have voted

  1. 1. The Blame Game

    • The offense for not showing up, especially in Games 1 and 2.
    • Mike Scioscia for not properly preparing the team for the postseason, among other things.
    • Jerry Dipoto for putting this team together.

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This is not the first time the Angels have looked cold on the playoffs. Gotta blame the guy who's responsibility it is to have this team running on as many cylinders as possible. It was like we were content losing that last series against the M's. It may not be all his fault, but it's enough his fault to shake this team up and go a different direction. Too much talent to let it go to waste.

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0%-Dipoto...The pitching staff got bit by the injury bug. Not his fault.

Especially when you consider (as has been pointed out) that Hamilton did more to cost the Angels than anyone not named Eric Hosmer before today's game. And Hamilton did nothing today. And you can add Wilson for taking the Angels out of it today.

Both Mike Scioscia decisions. So yes, Scioscia gets a huge portion of the blame here

Add that to his awful in-game managing and it gets even more glaring

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90% Offense - best offense in MLB and they....put up 5 runs in 3 games, 4 of them on solo HR's. Horrendous hitting

2% Scioscia - Putting Hamilton on roster was terrible. Calhoun bunt on 3-1 was terrible. Wilson being in rotation was terrible

5% Royals - 1st 2 games were there for the taking. 3rd game they straight up whooped them though

2% Hamilton - Useless would be an understatement for what he provided the team this postseason. I don't have a lot of hope for him going into next year either

1% CJ Wilson - This goes back to Sosh starting him. He gave us the usual, expected outcome...still doesn't excuse the fact that the team needed him to step up big time and he does that crap. Just like when Ricahrds went down, needed him to step up in the rotation and he failed miserably. Just like with Hamilton, I have very little hope for him next year. His stuff looks to be in decline...add in his always horrible command and that's a bad mix going forward

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the offense was horrendous.  the one thing that couldn't happen.  even with CJ doing his playoff thing, they had several chances to get this game withing reach.  MS has done some things that were clearly not going to work, but when you are getting nothing from anyone offensively, sometimes you just have to start saying WTF and throwing shit against the wall.  


What is a manager supposed to do when an offense puts their three worst performances of the season back to back to back?


Unless there is something MS did behind the scenes to give the team some sort of voodoo hex, he'll be back.  He's performed like any other manager desperate to make something happen.    

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Remember when we had .300 hitters from 1 to 9, at one point ?Well, we still lost in the post season.


That team by far put in the best performance of the playoffs since the Halos won it all. Swept the Red Sox, took Yankees to 6 games. I won't bag that team too much...they looked like world beaters compared to the utter crap that we saw from the 04, 07, 08, 14 teams.

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I blame Scioscia. Different year/team, same result. He didn't have this team prepared to play in the playoffs. No reason they should have scored 3 runs in 22 innings in he first two games after leading the majors in runs scored.


Yeah, 78 wins is just like 98 wins.


Players are supposed to be prepared for the playoffs by the finish of game 162. There is nothing more a manager or coach can tell them at this point other than who they are facing at the plate and what their tendencies are.


Francona is in charge of that, providing the statistical evaluation of their opponent and you may have seen him in the dugout consulting with players as they prepared for the on deck circle. After that the guys have to execute, no manager can do that for them.

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