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  1. Bundy is pitching the game they needed so badly. Now if our offense can get some more runs to make things a little less stressful. I would rather have our bullpen with a 9 run lead rather then a 2 run lead
  2. Light it up. That is the you save the game. 3 Ks. Beautiful
  3. I agree with most people here. I think if the Angels make the playoffs, they keep Sosh, if they falter without injuries being a factory, then we start over with a new manager. I like Sosh, but sometimes the voice and presence wears thin and new voice is needed. I have seen it in the company I work for, so all is good.
  4. Has there ever been a game where 3 teammates had 5 RBIs & 2 teammates went 5 for 5 with over 5 RBIs all in the same game?? By far the best game of the season.
  5. I was thinking the same thing too. I hope the results from the series loss are NOT the same this year.
  6. Whats worse is when you have ladies in their 40's using that word. Its silly. I have become more of a reader of facebook updates then posting. I just take it all as entertainment. I am surprise that people share what they share though. They seem to forget you cant take it back. Especially photos.
  7. Kinsler did the right play. Iglesias went braindead and stayed the ground. Great heads up baserunning to recognize that.
  8. Could you imagine Dipoto being manager of our beloved Angel?? Loria simply didnt want to pay a 3rd manager this year. (He is still paying Guillen) So its a win-win for Loria. If they suck, Jennings goes back as GM, if it is 2003 again, Loria is looked on as a genius.
  9. True, it was late night when I did my post and those were all I could think of quickly. We also had Don Baylor, Eddie Murray, Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden. I believe this post is now 100% .
  10. I agree with him outside of the political jab.When I first started to watch baseball, you had Reggie, Dave Parker, Rod Carew and a bunch others. The problem is that Football and Basketball is easier to get the money right away. College baseball doesnt make as much money as football or basketball or get as much of the spotlight. MLB needs to work on this rather then try to interview managers and other players during games. Whats next blond bimbo dugout reporters???
  11. I would say that if they win they are the dynasty of the even years in the 2010's. The odd years they are just the bumbling and hated Giants. That is all I can say about them.
  12. I agree. KC look the part of what makes playoff baseball exciting. Our Angels look like there wanting to know when tee time is.
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