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Directv Genie Question


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I haven't noticed that to be the case. The only thing that seems to slow it down is my sons gaming.

Thanks, appreciate you taking time to answer. I use my AppleTV a lot, especially during baseball season watching MLBtv. I wonder if that would slow it down like gaming.

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i assume the boxes are just talking to each other on your same network, not out the uplink port to the internet (like mlb.tv).

the switch in your router should be able to handle that just fine. 

just make sure they can all talk to each other - if you have a big house wireless can be meh. 

netgear powerline adapters are the shiz; they run the signal through your electric circuit.

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i dunno about $49.99, the ones i have were like $175 per pair and well worth it.

they are definitely plug n play, takes 30s to set up.

all you do is hit a button on each to generate and distribute to crypto keys to each other, then plug in your shiz.

they are wired or wireless.

one is connected to your cable/dsl modem.

then you can use another one for your existing wireless router if you want, or if you dont have a wireless router already you can buy the wireless version of the adapter.

you can use an many as you want too.

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