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Cardinals call up Randal Grichuk

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Grichuk could be Mark Trumbo but with the ability to hit for a better average, play great defense, and run a little.




That said, Grichuk is a friend of mine and our website. Wishing him the best of luck. He was blocked here for a full time role with Calhoun, Trout and Hamilton. Though I still wish we had him, he'd be a gigantic upgrade over Shuck and be a good fill in guy, then trade bait for a better bullpen arm (and possibly more) down the road. Ugh!

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And we have JB Shuck who's hitting, what, .130 now?

To be fair Bourjos has done no better than Shuck at the plate, but Bourjos would still have more value as a defensive substitute/pinch runner/4th OF. IMO Grichuk will be more valuable than either of them. 


Ian Stewart (and likely several other players we could have picked up on waivers) is proving to be a better starting 3B than Freese, anyway. 


At the time I felt Bourjos should have been moved for good relief pitching, like what Oakland did in picking up Jim Johnson and Gregerson. Those moves haven't worked out so but that would have been a better risk to take considering relief pitching and catching has been this team's main problem for years.

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We need to stop assuming the Cards won the trade simply because they're the Cards. It's early. For all we know Salas replicates his success from AAA last year and Freese shakes off his early season jitters and goes .280 30 DB and 15 HR like I think he will.


I don't think there's really a lot of "assuming the Cardinals won the trade simply because they're the Cardinals" going on here.


I think the assumption the Cardinals won the trade is because they got 2 young players with upside for an injury prone 3B coming off a down year and an about to be non-tendered reliever.

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Hated the trade from the moment that I heard Grichuk was involved. The guy was on a normal path for a first round player drafted out of high school. Just because he was drafted the same year as a once in a generation talent, does not mean he wasn't going to develop into a starting major league outfielder. Besides, someone please name the last starting offensive player who came here after a down (non-injury) year and refound his former glory. This is the place where veteran bats go to die.

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This is a bit surprising as I thought a different prospect would get called up (Piscotty).  Not surprised Shane Robinson was sent down as he's not a good bench piece and there is no power off the bench.


Borjous has been nothing short of terrible (and he is essentially an easy K) and has essentially lost the starting CF job to Jon Jay, who isnt very good in his own right.


Surprised that Kolten Wong was sent back down.  The Cards had a pretty quick hook with the kid, but he was scuffling pretty badly.

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