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  1. Murray had been scouting Andersson since he was 16 in Sweden, so the Ducks must feel strongly about acquiring Kase for him. Turning a 7th round pick(Kase) thats very injury prone (think Howie Kendrick type durability) into a RHD prospect like Andersson and a 1st round pick is a win.
  2. If he's traded watch that team flip him to the Athletics where he goes 18-7 with 3.15 ERA all because he put on the magic As cap.
  3. She probably throws harder than Jered too. I also heard that Mathis when pitching as a reliever can throw mid 85 to 88 despite being a backup catcher.
  4. What if they sign both Cole & Strasburg ? Its not our money.
  5. Dino Ebel's plan as manager: just try to steal bases & stretch singles into triples, just run run run run......& keep running
  6. The Angels getting Maddon & the Ducks with Eakins. While Scioscia, Assmus & Carlyle are unemployed.
  7. Yep. I bet he wants to return to California instead of the dump that is DC.
  8. Firing those two guys is a case of: "We fixed the glitch"
  9. Nixon was an Angels fan ? He should had his people rig the playoffs for the Angels in 1970s instead of breaking into watergate.
  10. Will Ferrell should replace Gubicza or at least be at post game coverage. Will Ferrell is the most famous Angels fan that i've heard of.
  11. So the Cubs want to go nuclear with their roster & create a new curse that isn't broken until the year 2124......
  12. and Pujol's head gets bigger like Barry Bonds.....suddenly Pujols returns to form with a .300/.400/.550 35 HR season.
  13. Suddenly then Trout stays healthy & hits 74 HRs next year, Simmons hits 35 HRs, Ohtani hits 50 HRs.
  14. Lmao. Thats awesome though. Hopefully that is why they fired Assmus.