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ESPN Fantasy League Baseball league : ONE SPOT OPEN

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We have an 8 team Fantasy Baseball League in the ESPN run FLB......


This is a league that dates back to the ESPN board and we've maintained the league over the years, a number of the team owners date back to the origination of the FLB league.

This is an auto-draft league -- the league draft is set for March 21 and it is a KEEPER LEAGUE with the KEEPER deadline approaching (I think it's March 14).


One of our team owners has not re-upped for 2014 so we have ONE team owner spot open.


This league is designed for those who want to participate in Fantasy League baseball but only have limited time to do so -- that's why we do an auto draft, because there's no way to coordinate our busy team owners' schedules to actually coordinate a live draft........in this league we ask you to participate on a regular basis (preferably daily but at least a few times a week) to change your line up and pitching -- but it's not the all consuming investment of time that some leagues are and want you do to -- this is not us......this is just a group of mostly Angels fans (one Dogs fan snuck in -- a baseball fan I've known for a long time) that want to have fun with FLB but not a lot of time to devote to it.


You can spend as little as 5 minutes a day (at your convenience) or even every other day and be considered an active member of this league....


We have ONE SPOT for 2014.  If you think this is a league you would like to join, please e-mail me through Angelswin.com and include in your e-mail your e-mail so that I can send out a Owner's Invitation to Join League through ESPN to you.


A lot of folks have just criticisms of the ESPN operated ESPN and I agree it certainly has its limitations -- but we've been in this league through ESPN for years now and we're on to the next season..........If you want in, let me know........If I get a response or even more than one, I will likely send out several invitations and the first person to respond is IN.


thanks all.

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Received responses from members 'So What' and from "LA Mike"


sent out two invitations -- first one to respond and sign up gets the spot.


wish I had two spots for each of you.


good luck.


let's have fun with FLB in 2014.........no hassle, not time consuming, low key no stress FLB.

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