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Alex Yarbrough

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Don't tase me, Yarbrough!


I wrote about my impressions of "Ya-Ya" in another thread. So I'll just copy and paste them here:


I saw Yarbrough play for two weeks in June, and he hit everything in sight. His walkoff HR in extra innings was awesome. He's a natural hitter and hits well from both sides of the plate, but he obviously needs to show more patience. I think he has more raw power from the right side. He will occasionally chase pitches outside of the zone. He has gap-to-gap power that I think will develop and already has to some extent into HR power. He's able to spoil a lot of pitches and therefore see more pitches, which usually leads to good ABs and results. He's not terribly fast, but he's an aggressive and a smart baserunner.


Defensively, he is pretty solid. Not spectacular. His arm isn't the strongest, but it's accurate. He consistently makes the plays that should be made. He and Stamets have great chemistry up the middle. I saw them turn a few highlight reel DPs.


Finally, he's listed at 5' 11," but he looked taller to me when I saw him. Maybe he's grown since he was last measured.

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Really sucks that he's taking a complete dump at the end of the season.


I think that's to be expected, though, with younger players who haven't experienced the grind of a real baseball season before. They don't call them the dog days of August for nothing.


The most games Yarbrough had ever played before in a season was 63, and that was last year. He played about the same amount of games in college every year, but a college schedule is a lot more spread out than a pro schedule.


He's up to 135 in 2013. His experience should help him prepare for the grind next year and beyond.

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