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Absolutely Disgusting in Every Phase

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Bad base running, bad fielding, bad hitting, and BAD pitching.

The majority of these asshats should be ashamed to put on a big league uniform.

I'm done. I hope these jerks lose every game for the rest of the season, because THAT is obviously what it is going to take for any changes to be made in this organization.

What the hell does it take for Arte to man up and FIRE someone???

They have been in full crash and burn mode for FOUR %#@&'ing seasons now.

Guess it will take a 20-30-40 game losing streak to wake someone up in his Arizona mansion.

Bring it on. I hope they lose every f'n game in front of an empty stadium, and the 2,000 people that actually have the stomach to show up for this crap need to boo and throw garbage.

You empty-headed, excuse making, Scioscia loving, rainbow and butterfly brained, Pollyannas who infest this fan base can shove it, too.

Anyone that finds this excrement laden excuse for a professional baseball team acceptable, needs to get their head examined. There ain't no f'n sunshine coming for this group, and someone needs to pull their head out of whatever orifice it is stuck in and GET SOMETHING F'N DONE ABOUT IT.



Peace, out.

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Jesus Christ, over-react much? Crash and burn for four straight years? Sure this will be the fourth season in a row they miss the playoffs but crash and burn? This might be the first season of those four and of Arte's ownership where the team will finish under .500. If this season is lost, which I believe it is, why should he fire Scioscia now? Why not wait until the offseason, and only make one hire, instead of hiring an interm then the permanent one after the season? Not to mention, Scioscia is a tradeable asset, like it or not. Why not trade him, or hell even reassign him to the front office, which would basically force his hand to quit, thus saving Arte about $30 million. This team has performed horribly, so much worse than I ever thought possible. That being said the major league team (the minors will take years to fix) has the pieces to compete next year, with the right additions and with health. My guess is the next manager, which will be managing opening day next year, will be a lot more focused on taking pitches and being smart on the base paths. The only player on the team that has never shown the ability to be a smart base runner is Aybar. This team will have a completely different philosophy with its next manager.

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Listening to the Boston Red Sox announcers during todays game they flat out said this team is not Scioscia's team. This came up as a side discussion when they were talking to Jim Rice about a texting poll about what he would prefer; a team with the best pitching or hitting. Rice was all for hitting and moments later Boston got another hit and the announcers said right now Scioscia is probably texting he wants pitching.


 This team is not designed around pitching and defense. The pitching staff is one of the worst in the majors, the defense is sub standard and the offense was built around waiting for the big hit instead of manufacturing runs and taking advantage of scoring opportunities through higher risk play like base stealing, hit and run, squeeze plays and situational hitting.


Essentially they were saying the Angels were not a team that was the right fit for Scioscia's brand of play but wouldn't play any better under anyone else. They had a lot of respect for Scioscia and his style of play but recognized he had a white elephant team to manage through the rest of the year.

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What an awesome alcohol laced knee jerk reaction. You would make AO proud.


I thought most of us stopped caring a while back, but these threads pop up every now and then.

And you should make lifetime beam with fatherly pride.

I am proud to make the team, and it's play (or lack thereof) my subject of derision.

People like you, on the other hand, spend their time being obsessed with OTHER POSTERS.

What are you, a middle school girl?

"I don't like you, nobody like you"?

neh neh neh...

It must make you feel so superior, to sound so petty.

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