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So when's a good time to give Eppler a final grade?


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3 hours ago, Torridd said:

Now, that spring training is right around the corner, can we give him a final grade on the offseason moves?

It’s Angelswin so we usually wait until after the first inning of the first game of the season. 

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1 minute ago, Angel Oracle said:

One thing, amongst others, is certain.   The infield is really deep, with Rengifo still here.

With Maddon at the helm it could get quite interesting. Fletcher could become the next Zobrist/Taylor/Kike swing player to help fill current lack of OF bench depth, LaStella could move around the IF, Renigfo fill in when they move. Unfortunately, none of them can pitch at the major league level every 5-6 days but it's a start.


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Well, since the off season is over, yes, thats fair in my view.
Things can still happen in ST of course.
I give it a high B.
They did everything they could up to the last minute and stepped on their dork in the end.
The only potential missed opportunity based on reports was Keuchel, but otherwise im pleased right up till Arte screwed the pooch on the last deal. 

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1 hour ago, Stradling said:

If you were to grade him now this is what PECOTA says.  I think I read that they base it off of 1000 different simulations.  I am assuming with Joc and Stripling it would have been 90 or so.  

He’ll get degraded if we miss the playoffs again. 

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42 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

I knew that. (in best Fonz)

Just changing up Mulwin's post by 2 days. 

You were undoubtedly think of Disturbed lead singer David Draiman's birthday.

Coincidentally, in The Blacklist season 5, there's an amazing version of Disturbed singing "Sounds of Silence"


Hi @Tank

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There has to be another move incoming with all the infield depth. Theres a roadblock at 1b, 2b and now 3rd with Rendon signing for so long. Unless Simmons isnt being resigned and they just shuffle for 1 year, there has got to be another move being worked on. 

For now his grade is incomplete, however the moves currently made i would give him a B. Upgraded 2 starting pitcher spots (with league average pitchers), upgraded tremendously at 3b and held on to (so far) Adell and Marsh. 

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