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Taylor Ward: Catcher

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So I'm watching this Top 10 Catchers Right Now on MLB Network and it just made me wonder... with all the Angels shortcomings at catcher the last few seasons, why not move Taylor Ward back to catcher? From my perspective, he'd be an above average hitting catcher. I can't speak to his defense because I've never seen him play the position. But, it kind of makes sense because he's a pretty good offensive player. And, at this point, there's no room for him anymore anywhere else on the field with the big league club.

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6 hours ago, arch stanton said:

If they thought he could catch in the majors he'd still be a catcher

Some guys are just not cut out for the position. I have an Atlanta Braves game program from 1976 that proudly proclaims, "Dale Murphy: Braves' Catcher of the Future". Someone in the organization figured out that it wasn't a great idea, and he made the transition to the outfield.

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8 minutes ago, Chuckster70 said:

I mean, I say give him one more shot at catching and working with the pitchers. He's got the arm and athleticism you like to see behind the plate. His bat has evolved. 

Give it a go again and if he can't do it, he'll get shipped elsewhere or DFA'd unfortunately. 

Eppler has shown he values defense first, with catchers. You'll also recall that Ward didn't hit too well in the minors while dealing with the physical and mental toll of catching.

When he was a catcher they didn't think he'd be major league caliber offensively or defensively. As he's moved to other positions, they at least have hope that he'll be a major league hitter.

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12 hours ago, Pancake Bear said:

A bigger issue is not only defense but working well with pitchers. I seem to recall hearing he had issues on that front, but someone with more info there can correct that if my memory is in error.

You got one of the rare Jeff Fletcher likes, PB, congratulations! 😄

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Ward wasn't terrible defensively. He just didn't develop like the Angels had hoped given his athleticism. It was more of a personality thing. He didn't mesh with the pitchers well. Wasn't the leader and the vocal field commander you want from that position. 

No shame in it either. He's not a bad dude. It just didn't work out as a catcher, but he's passable in short stints at 3B, halfway decent at 1B, and decent in the corner outfield. And we know he can hit a little bit. If a major league team gives him a extended look, he has the ability to play himself into a starting spot and not let go of it. He could become a 25 HR, 15 SB and .350 OBP option in the corner outfield at his peak. 

That opening isn't likely though. Many teams would want him on their depth chart though. For now, he's more of an athletic AAAA player.

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1 hour ago, Jeff Fletcher said:

I wish there were an emoji for "this is right." Like just a check mark. That's my intent when I "react" to something. I don't really "like" anything since I'm not a fan and I feel weird giving it a heart. lol

Gotta be honest, I’d feel more cool about being ‘right’ if you hadn’t liked the one below. I’m surprised Lou hasn’t ‘I agree’d me yet. 🙄 

On 11/26/2019 at 11:26 PM, Pancake Bear said:

The Yankees are leaking the stuff about believing Cole wants to play in California and won’t consider NY because they’re posturing for their fans. They know they’re not spending 250m to sign him but their fans will be pissed if they say that. If they say, “”We’d love to sign Cole...but he doesn’t want to play here!” it gives them some level of deniability. 


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