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Barria will start on 6/26 against the Reds.

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my guess is Barria and Cahill replace Jewell and Bard.  

we probably see Rengifo down for Simmons.  Which would be a bummer because I love watching that kid play, but I get it.  

The other option is to send Bour down and let La Stella get time at 1b.  

Lucroy still sucks.  

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3 minutes ago, RBM said:

I get the argument for sending Rengifo back to AAA, “young guy needs playing time” but I don’t think it applies here. This team is still in the hunt for now and needs their best players in the mix. 

The reason we keep Rengifo over Tovar is the same reason we kept Goodwin over Puello. Rengifo and Goodwin give us a better chance to win now than Tovar and Puello. This team has operated on that principle all year - Stratton, Harvey, Cahill, Cozart, Allen, Boujos, Bour - even Puello.

It is absurd if the reason we now decide to put a superior player back in AAA and keep an inferior player in the Majors because the inferior player has no options.  We have already DFA’d similar players. 

Rengifo has more value to this team now - at 2B, SS, 3B and he’s played LF. He’ll get his AB’s. 

this theory is contingent on La Stella playing 1b.  Otherwise it doesn't make sense because Rengifo needs to play everyday yet so do Fletcher and La Stella.  

one way to get him more at bats is to rotate Albert out vs. RHers and let La Stella play 1b and rotate Calhoun out vs. LHers and put Fletcher in RF.  

On the broadcast and post game, they were comparing Rengifo to Aybar.  I think he's much more dynamic offensively but not as good on defense.  

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If you DFA Tovar, you also move Kaleb Cowart and Ty Kelly up a peg on the infield depth charts, in case anyone gets hurt. 

I think it could go either way, but I wouldn’t be too stressed if Rengifo went back to AAA for a short while just to stay in rhythm. Simmons still came back really fast. La Stella and Fletcher were both dealing with nagging injuries just a week or so ago. You can cut Tovar and bring Rengifo back up anytime - I don’t think a week or two is going to make a huge difference on the overall record.

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Rengifo does need to go down to AAA.  I know it's not what anyone wants to hear but it's the truth.  The Luis Rengifo we are all seeing at the major league level is not the finished product.  You're seeing an athletic 22 year old kid out there getting his first taste of pro ball, but there's no refinement in his game, yet. In fact we're missing the two very best parts to Luis Rengifo, his speed and plate discipline.  

Last year, Rengifo stole 41 bases and had a .399 OBP.  

So far this year in the majors, he's stolen ZERO bases and has a .314 OBP. 

He's not a finished product.  Going down to AAA will be good for him, and allow him to develop.  He'll be up later in the year, and next year, at age 23, we'll see the speed and discipline reintegrated back into his game, and then everyone will see who he truly is. 

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I agree Rengifo needs to go back down. Tovar is the only real backup shortstop we have available right now and Simmons is a high risk candidate to end up back on the DL. You are also counting on La Stella getting reps at first and doing well there. Ultimately there are too many moving parts to successfully keeping Rengifo up and too little upside.


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I agree to send Rengifo down, leadoff, work the count and start stealing bases. It's crazy that Rengifo only has 3 SB between AAA and the bigs despite being a prolific base stealer in his minor league career. 

I hope to God Rengifo doesn't get the deer in the headlights when on the bases like Peter Bourjos did in the big leagues, despite flashing good speed and minor league SB #s.

Tovar is a true major league INF backup IMO. Plus Tovar is the smartest baserunner the Angels have EVER had, maybe the rest of the guys can learn from him.


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