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Super early roster predictions


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Here is my predicted roster:


Iannetta C

Pujols 1B

Kendrick 2B

Aybar SS

Callaspo 3B/2B

Trout OF

Bourjos CF

Hamilton OF

Trumbo DH


Romine IF

Hall UTIL (still early, I think he has a lot of work to make the roster)

Conger C

Wells OF


Weaver RHP - SP

Wilson LHP - SP

Blanton RHP - SP

Vargas LHP - SP

Hanson RHP - SP


Frieri RHP - RP

Downs LHP - RP

Burnett RHP - RP

Jepsen RHP - RP

Cordero RHP - RP (really think he makes the team)

Williams RHP - RP/SP

Maronde RHP - RP (sent down when Madsen is activated)


IIRC Cassevah and Williams are out of options so I think they make the pen to start the season.  Calhoun could make the OD roster in place of one of the pitchers.  Most likely Cordero or Cassevah.  Madsen will be on the DL and Richards & Maronde will be AAA starters for depth.

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When Madson comes back either take out Cassavah or see who's doing better in the utility role, Hall or Romaine, and send one of them down.

sending hall or romine down would leave us a bench of 3...i highly doubt that would happen.


cassavah is out of options apparently so dfa him?

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Wells(obviously, unfortunately)


Romine(maybe Brendan Harris? I feel like Romine has had the edge here from the get go, but Harris has been doing some things that might be impressing)











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I would like to see (and believe that this could happen) Calhoun making the team. He is a left-handed bat, has some pop, has some speed, and can play all the OF positions (although nowhere near as good as PB or Trout in CF). He's a great kid who brings a lot of intangibles to the game and has nothing left to prove in the Minors.

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I'm kind of torn on Calhoun.


I do think he's capable of stepping in and being a nice bench piece right now, and if it weren't for Vernon, I would be all for him making the team.


But unless he somehow leapfrogs Vernon Wells, which seems really unlikely, I'm not sure carrying him makes a ton of sense.


He currently appears to be 4th on the OF depth chart(starter at any given position, Trumbo, Wells) and 3rd at best at 1B if Scioscia likes him over there. It would be nice to have his lefty bat on the bench, but I'm just not sure there's really an obvious chance to give him anything more than sporadic ABs.


And I think the team could use more INF depth on the bench beyond the backup SS UTL infielder(Romine/Field/Harris/Rodriguez) more than another pure OF with the makeup of the roster.

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Calhoun has a tall mountain to climb because there are already 5 OF's on the team and Hall can play IF and OF.  I agree about Calhoun, if not for Wells I think he would easily make the team.  F'n Reagins.

If Calhoun looks dramatically better than Wells by the end of spring, we need to trade Wells for peanuts or DFA him and just cut our losses on the money. 

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Yeah I just mean roster wise, skill wise I think he is better than Izzy.  Only time will tell by how much.


oh, that makes sense. thats how i kind of view bill hall, i think he is this year's version of jorge cantu. hope im wrong tho, i think hall might prove to be a nice pick-up for the halos this season.

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