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Predict Scioscia's postgame comments (5/7/13)

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"You've got to tip your cap to a young, hungry, gritty, talented, and championship caliber Houston team.  I think baseball has really underestimated that guy who manages Houston's team, he's got his guys grinding it out there.  We had to intentionally walk that guy, he's one of the most dangerous hitters in the league.  The heat hurt our guys too, I actually considered taking off my jacket.  The heat had an adverse effect on Hanky's PMA, which in turn hurt his CERA.  It was a character building experience for Hanky.  Also for anybody worried about the team's problems, I called up an exterminator and he'll be making sure we tip our cap and turn the page to those flies in our ointment."

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His 3 errors were simply flies in the ointment. The new salve is called Hester. Sometimes you just run into bad luck and you just gotta keep turnin' that page. We'll get out there and grind. Butch will work on some things, get guys tuned up so they can get to where they need to be."

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"Hanky tried real hard out there today. He proved that he is a great DH. We just need to tip our caps at the Astros, who battled hard and had a lot of grit. We just need to turn the page and hopefully Blanty will get 'em tomorrow."

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"Everyone needs to eat. Sure, we've given the Astros 22% of their wins this year, but it's important for the league. It allows small market teams to keep battling.


On the other hand, the Astros feed as well and CJ was able to tie his career high in strikeouts. That doesn't happen by accident. He'll turn the page and try to break it again the next time he faces the AAAstros.


Our guys are not proud of making history tonight in having the worst start at this point in the season in franchise history, but hey we're only 20% through. And we don't have the highest salary in the MLB so the comparisons need to stop. A lot of battling left to do and they know it."


Jose Mota added "The Angels could but couldn't so when they come back again they won't can't stop again, just like almost tonight!"




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