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Would you trade Shoemaker for Price?


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Would you give up five seasons of Shoemaker for two months of Price? If I am the Tigers, I seriously consider such a deal. Although Shoemaker doesn't have the upside of a top prospect, he is a proven decent arm who costs nothing. You can insert him into the rotation and expect league average innings, which holds a lot of value. And prospects so often bust.

From the Angels' perspective, the deal could be tolerable only because of the great pitching depth we have. Otherwise, I think it is overpay.

I know half of you will say I am stupid for proposing such a deal and the Tigers would never do it. You might be right. I just want to know if anyone here would be for/against it.

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I'd trade Shoemaker+ for Price and then try my best to sign him. It might get ugly the last few years but he's young and dominant. The pitching would make me Comfortable in October. Imagine having Santiago, Weaver, Wilson, Heaney, Gott, Smith, Rasmus available in the pen

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I don't think it is a crazy proposal. The Tigers got a year and a half of Price (and the comp pick that goes along with it) for Drew Smyly and Austin Jackson. Smyly was quite comparable to Shoemaker, and had a year less of club control at the time of the trade. Jackson had been trending down and had only a year of club control remaining. And that was for a full 1.5 seasons of Price, not merely a half season.

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Plus Tigers aren't a complete rebuild IMO. They could get Shoe and then sign either Price or Greinke (who is probably opting out) in the offseason. 

That would make sense except nobody willingly signs in Detroit unless youre Miguel Cabrera and you do stupid stuff like drink and drive and beat your wife.  

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Jon Heyman and MLBTradeRumors have been reporting that the Tigers want to retool and trade for Major League ready pitching so I don't think a prospect haul is what they are necessarily looking for.

Shoemaker with his 5 1/2 years left of team control has a lot of value as a mid-rotation starter (maybe on the order of $70MM-$85MM over the remainder of his controllable years). Price as a deadline move probably has $40MM-50MM in value. A straight trade would still be a big overpay on our part but we're trying to win so I'm okay with it as a playoff move.

I'd recommend we go further with a trade though. SS Dixon Machado is almost Major League ready and is defensively talented. In the last 1 1/2 years his LD% rate has improved significantly making his bat increasingly appealing too.

If the Angels are serious I'd offer RHP Matt Shoemaker, C Jett Bandy, and LHP Nate Smith for LHP David Price, SS Dixon Machado, and C Alex Avila.

This trade would give us Price for a possible playoff rotation, Avila who has an excellent OBP vs. RHP (.365 in 2015, .358 Career) who can platoon with Iannetta (Perez can be optioned down and replace Iannetta next year and platoon with Cutler who is a LHH), and Machado is an option to replace Aybar when his contract expires or he is traded.

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