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Was at the game tonight

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Not as packed as I thought it would be for Trout bobblehead night albeit the weather was pretty crappy. But was cheering my butt off in section 105 with my lady for her first Angel game. This and last year my first game of the year has had ( Alberts and now Hamiltons first Hr's as an Angel ) so yay me!

We still look like a team struggling to move runners when they are on and when they are in scroring position!!! Richards pitched pretty good and so did Roth!!?? Who!!??

One more thing the crowd hated Ebel tonight he kept holding guys at third all night and it almost cost us the game luckily we have fast ass Trout who even Ebel can't say stop to! Was a great game with an amazing finish!!! Go Angels!

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Crowd was pretty good, loud crowd too.  Richards was great, I didn't see any problems with his stuff until the 7th when he clearly got tired (been in the pen the last 2 weeks).  I think he'll definitely replace Blanton in the rotation when Weaver gets back.


Albert was great, like night and day compared to last April.


The team still had lots of problems scoring guys on base though, but Albert came through when we needed it most.

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I was there! Section 513. Went with some friends. They got free tickets through some OC Register promotion.

Great view of the game-winning double and Trout charging around third to the plate. What a feel-good win! 


It was one of the best games I've been to, which up until the last moment was one of the most frustrating games I've been to. Thank you, Albert!


Howie Kendrick might have been the happiest man in the ballpark after it was over.

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I, for one, was happy to see the stop sign on multiple occasions from Ebel when the play at home would not have been even close. Granted I was watching on tv, but I distinctly remember multiple instances of "I hope they don't try to score and end this inning, ohhh phew he was held up, alright let's get a hit." Ebel is not responsible for the team hitting poorly thus far with risp.

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What a game to be at great ending. I thought the stadium was pretty full last night and loud. Cheers to those that stayed for the full game. Two ladies next to me left in the 7th I bet they wished they had stayed.


We finally won a one run game!

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