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Sabermetric stats

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Is there a sabermetric stat for picking up runners? in the dark ages i used to use rbi but its completely dependant on where the player hits in the order. runners left in scoring position is closer to what im looking for.

maybe less vauge- does sabermentrics reveal when a hitter picks up runners? like moving the runner over? or quality at bats with risp?

thanks for increasing my baseball knowledge.

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Found nothing on Fangraphs with a quick search for Productive Outs. Stat people on Fangraphs are not to excited about quantifying multiple event occurances since the tracking data is so spread out in terms of cause and effect.


One article posted was about teams that were more likely to run into an out on the basepaths and the Angels, not suprisingly ranked at 2nd in 2010. The White sox came in first and the Red Sox came in last, meaning fewest.


White Sox - 7.9%
Angels – 7.7%
Rays – 7.6%
Rangers – 7.6%

Red Sox – 3.3%


THe Red Sox had the fewest stolen base attempts. So if you play station to station baseball you will probably have the fewest runners thrown out on the basepaths but that does nothing to quantify if your specific team generates more runs by taking more chances as opposed to waiting for the 3 run home run.


The same can be said for productive outs, they should be situationaly driven as opposed to an across the board + or - % of effectiveness.

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the reason i asked is that it appears we suck at picking up runners- currently as well as historically. runners left in scoring position  is frustrating to watch, to say the least.

my original question is probably impossible to quantify. as i think about it more, its more of a question of philosphy and tactics.

thanks eric.

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I don't know where to look, but there should be a way to look up success rates in terms of RBI opportunities.  The saber community generally believes that performing better or worse with runners on as an aberration anyway so it's unlikely.


Check out WPA and Clutch on fangraphs though.  Not exactly what you are looking for but these are not context neutral and give you some idea about how certain events contributed to a win (WPA) or WPA in high leverage situations (Clutch). 

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wRAA (Weighted Runs Above Average) measures a players total offensive runs that they contribute over a normal replacement type player. It is sort of a catch-all stat for offense.


Also if you go into FanGraphs and select any player you can select 'Splits' then click 'Career' and scroll down to the sections that list 'Bases Empty', 'Men on Base', and 'Men in Scoring' to get an idea of each individuals career stats in those situations.

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clutch looks like it.


I think what he is looking for is some sort of stat that also includes how good a player or team is relative to the number of opportunities they have compared to the rest of the league. 


this would really be informative as well. a good mix of stats and old school experience is where it's at.

thanks all

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