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Dump Hamilton Now.


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Sosh wants him to work out the kinks in these meaningful games, though


This is the bad part - that he was put on the playoff roster and is being left to "find his swing" with our season on the line.


I suppose that I should be giddy that he got the ball in the air last time up instead of ventilating the box seats with his swing.

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This is terrible. Guy hasn't played in a month, he looks putrid and the guy just looks like a sad headcase. He must feel bad


Sosh needs to mercifully get this dude out of here

Yep. Hamilton sucks, we've established that but it's hard to blame the guy who hasn't played in a month over the guy who put the guy who hasn't played in a month on the roster of the post freakin' season! 

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Please do.  He just needs to retire.  He's done.  His body is breaking down from all the abuse in his younger years.  He is just robbing us now.  So good to finally be free of the Vernon Wells contract and now we are even more buried by this miserable one.  The Blanking Angels are so stupid!  Oh and a fading Pujols too!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Edited by The Ghost of Josh Hamilton
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The whole things sucks. He is such a nice and genuine person. My boy got to take the field with him earlier this year, and Josh actually took the time to speak with him instead of just signing the ball and sending him away. Then he corresponded to the letter my boy sent him afterward. It sucks he's dealling with demons, and honestly I put this playoff situation on Scioscia more than Josh. There is no reason he should be in the lineup after not playing for so long. Timing takes a while to get together, and you don't take that chance in the playoffs. He should not be on the ALDS roster and instead should have been taking live pitching the whole time and possibly joined in the ALCS. Stupid managerial decision and even worse to keep trotting him out each inning. Not fair to Josh, the team or the fans. Even worse, is tonight the fans booed him mercilessly, as many here wanted. That poisonous vibe is not something you need when you are trying to wake up a team. Even the obnoxious bandwagon Royals fans (dude still had the price tag on his shirt until I told him) were flabbergasted when we were booing our own player. Like I said, it sucks all around, if he hadn't jacked up his hand at the beginning of the season who knows what we'd be saying, really felt like he had turned things around. Giant turd sandwich, and we are all swallowing it whole.

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