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  1. Uh barely into the off-season and it’s already starting to feel like last year. People we want getting signed left and right. Inb4 the inevitable panic signings.
  2. If win a World Series then yes otherwise I complete disagree. I remember amazing players (Nolan Ryan) and moments (Santana's no hitter) but if you asked me how far the team went that year I wouldn't remember. Looking back in history I would much rather have a moment like the no-hitter this year then a first round playoff exit like the Dodgers. I will never forget the Skagg's moment while a early playoff exit is so forgettable. Once again this is looking back if we jumped forward in time, not at this very moment because I would obviously like to have a competitive team.
  3. I'm sure most disagree with my opinion but here it is. I think you will always choose to have a successful team to watch every year BUT in 40 years I would rather look back and say I watched (maybe) the best player in baseball history on a daily basis over just a team making the playoffs but not winning it all.
  4. I don't think selling Simba at his lowest is smart because realistically he won't garner that much. Same goes with Suarez. Also I don't think Anthony is that great of a player and he will more than likely regress to how he pitched in past years.
  5. It should be on the GM for his selection of players to target and on Arte for how much he is willing to spend. For example, Harvey, Cahill, and Allen are on Eppler. Arte gave Eppler the money and trusted him to make the correct decision, which he didn't.
  6. And comments like that are what creates unnecessary and untruthful rumors about people. Last thing Trout would do.
  7. I did really like some of the fundamentals Asmmus brought to the table. - Better selection at the plate, which led to more walks and contact. - Playing the hot hand and not Scioscia's terrible stick to the plan approach I didn't like his handling of the bullpen, that was terrible. Also some of his general decision making was bad. Too many mistakes for my liking.
  8. All in on Maddon or this is a bad move. A lot of work to do this off-season but there is a clear idea of what needs to happen.
  9. That's not true, he did the exact same thing last week on a passed ball that he would have been safe on but he lightly jogged.
  10. I think Ohtani broke. He looks like the spring training hitter form last year. Just horrible. I’m curious what Trout’s stats would be without the juiced ball because he’s looked off this season more than any other season. I feel like the HR total has really boosted his all around stats, which would otherwise be poor for him.
  11. I mean the ball was directly in front of him. My only guess was he thought he’d get thrown out easily. But he would have been easily safe if he ran. He’s looked so off recently, demeanor and all. So many whiffs
  12. That was simply inexcusable. Better players have been sent straight to the bench for the remainder of the game. Totally embarrassing.
  13. I think a lot of us thought OD but we’re not journalists from a well known journal in LA claiming something in a public format. What they posted was totally out of line even now.
  14. They were doing the same thing any keyboard warrior does when something like this occurs: make assumptions. That’s fine on a random Internet forum, it’s not okay if you’re a published paper. Nothing more than cheap tabloid BS.
  15. No risk at all so worth the signing. I don’t except him to get close to his potential because of all the issues he already has at 23. More baggage than most non Angel/Mets pitchers have in their career already.