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laser eye surgery


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Schil, a lot of those coupons only include the basic version of Lasik.  Once you get to the surgery you need it ends up around $2k per eye unless your eyes aren't that bad.


I would check out the UCLA Eye Center and the Laser Eye Center.  They are supposed to be two of the best.


Good luck, I am hoping to get Lasik done early next year.

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Your eyes are not where you try to save a buck.


Spend the money and go with the guy with a good reputation.


I went for a consult a few years ago, and they told me my corneas were too thin to safely perform this procedure on. They drilled it into my head not to try to find another doctor that will do it, because there will be one out there who doesn't give a shit.

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I did lasik around 13 or so years ago at the Laser Eye Center in Newport. Not sure if it's the same people associated with it, but at the time the head guy over there was one of the top lasik guys in the country. He did all the pro athletes in the area, he did my optometrist and his entire family, and was the person called in when other people ****ed up the original surgery, kind of a doctor of last resort.


The process was just like cezero described, with one small caveat. It's like an assembly line. They had us sit in chairs and one person got up to go in for the procedure, we all moved one chair to the left. Kind of creepy. I was on deck and all I could hear was the person before me screaming bloody murder "it hurts...oh my god...it hurts...stop stop stop..." crying and yelling.


A minute or two later


Nurse: "Mr. Red...you're up".

Me: Whiter than normal..."Um...yeah...so...yeah"

Nurse: "Something wrong?"

Me: "yeah...so...what the hell was that?"

Nurse: "oh, she does that all the time...this time we hadn't even buckled her in before she started screaming...this is the 4th time we've tried the procedure with her"



But overall...no complaints. And I would agree with others...make sure you research the hell out of who you go with, cheap is not the way to go with your eyes. I did get a discount, but it was through work and our insurance.

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The smell of ozone...that's the other thing I remember...that and the blurry red lights.


I didn't have any pain after the surgery, my biggest issue was a touch of dry eye afterwards, but I actually discovered as part of the recovery process I always had that issue and it explained some eye problems I had a few times over the years. Refresh Plus is awesome.

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nate, one of the groupons is for laser eye center.


njhalo, cheers for the advisement. 


Yeah, what I am saying is the groupon is just to get you in the door.  Once you have the consult and they tell you the different options you have, it will end up being 4k.


They have new tech, old tech, plus if you have an astigmatism it costs more.

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Jeff Foxworthy does a joke about this in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but I believe that there is a grain of truth in what he says. He mentioned that when they pulled into Washington he saw a billboard offering the "cheapest lasik surgery in town". He goes on to say that he believes in saving money, "but I don't believe that medical procedures are where you want to do it."


I agree with checking out UCLA. I haven't dealt with their ophthalmology department but I have dealt with other departments there, and everything has been first class.

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I got Lasik 10 years ago, and they did this:


1) Propped my eyes open with a torture looking device so I couldn't blink

2) Used a scalpel to physically cut a flap of cornea open, and peel it back

3) told me to look directly into a light that allows a computer-tracked laser to go into the exposed area thanks to the sliced cornea, and turn bunch of eye tissue into water vapor as it burns away

4) take the cornea flap and smooth it back over with a little mini trowel


Surgical procedure coupons don't sound like a very good idea to me.  


Lasik, in particular, I wouldn't try to go the discount way.  


same process for me. i saw colors i'd never ever seen before. it was surreal, to say the least.


i also got valium before and after the surgery. it was helpful.

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I have great eyes, blessed to say the least. But I take good care of them, atleast I think I do. I use eye drops every morning to keep them lubed and wear polarized sunglasses constantly when I'm in the sun. Not that it would improve my vision if it was bad, but I want them to last as long as possible.


In fact I almost don't understand how anyone spends an extended period of time out in the sun without them. My great grandmother always used to say "There are 2 things you should always take good care of, your teeth and your eyes. Wear your sunglasses and brush your teeth."


Honestly I can't even imagine not being able to see in detail or not be able to read. And at $4,000 to have the ability after both have been taken away seems like a freakin' deal to me, especially from a well know profession. I also wouldn't do the budget thing. Cutting a flap of your cornea open, then pointing a lazer into them, yeah, you want someone who does it right.

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I got it done 12 years ago and it wasn't until this thread that I was reminded how much it changed my life.

Until I wasted the time staring at a bright screen arguing with morons about stupid things and now I can't see for shit again.


they told me i was going to need reading glasses at some point, probably about two years post surgery. that was in 2003. i just got reading glasses over the summer. couldn't fight it any longer. bought them in bulk from QVC, six pairs for $20.


during the break-in last week, the thief took one of my pair of reading glasses. idiot.

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Use the groupon and don't worry about it. The machines and computers are the ones that do it anyway. Most of the places all have the same ones anyway. The technology and techniques have advanced so much that even if they try to upsell you there is no noticeable difference for people that don't have weird issues. 


I got it done from a doctor who is a family friend who uses groupon. My dad is a Dr. and said it doesn't really make a difference and my sister's boyfriend's dad is an ophthalmologist and he said it doesn't really matter. So unless you have weird eye issues save your money and use the groupon.

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I went for a consult this year, and they told me I could get it done and still need to wear bifocals to read..  I passed, and am happy to continue on with my contact lenses.


My main reason for getting lasik was for swimming (pool and ocean sports), but I've found that my lenses stick just fine.

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