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Arte Moreno


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Mrs. Moreno said last night during the celebration that Arte is the biggest Angel fan---and it shows.  

Although he is not a man of many words, he really loves his Angels.


Everyone in the organization deserves the WS win this year from the top to the bottom....I pray that it happens.


Thank you Mr. Moreno...you are a class act.  =)


Go Halos !!!

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The props do include everyone: Arte, the FO, the players, the scouts, the coaches and Scioscia, and the farm system development folks.


When a team goes 84-44 after starting off 11-13, it's a group effort, just like in 2002.

def agree, but arte could of eff'd things up if he knee jerked at the end of last season.  it's hard to stand pat in difficult situations 

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Where am I? The Arte Moreno Marching Band and Chowder Society Meeting?

Best Owner?

Thank You?


What the **** happened to the Delta I used to know?




Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? This could be the greatest thread of our lives. But you "Arte-Lovers" are going to let it be the worst.

"Oh, we locked Albert for 7 more years...how long do we have to keep Hamilton? Are we still paying off Gary Mathews Jr? Why did we trade Napoli? Our owner is star-crazy..." Where's that, huh? 

Did you forget April's rants? May? June?

Well just kiss my ass for now on. Not me! I'm not going to take this! DiPo? He's a Dead Man! Scioscia? Dead! Arte Moreno......?


Well then...otter.gif

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What a change of tune since the season began.


We can knock him all day long for some bad meddling in what he should leave to his gm. Thats fair. But ive never understood some of the hate hes gotten from some angel fans.

'He lowered beer prices, big deal'. Hes also kept the team VERY affordable while keeping the payroll very competitive. Hes for years mongled with fans at games. He showed up to meet with a bunch of internet nerds from angelswin.com when he has taken a beating from the website forums. Hes spent a ton to upgrade the stadium, profitted, and redistributed it to the fans.

How? Pujols and hamilton. Dumb signings, yeah. But he still spent a ton. When people assumed he was broke again, he locks up trout and shuts people up.

And the stadium experience is still very affordable. I know some people have a tight budget, kids to take care of etc. But compare it to the other stadiums (if youve been) and its generally cheaper than what ive seen.

I think hes been great personally.

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