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Who gets called up tomorrow?


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I am guessing Navarro, Cron and Grant Green.

As for pitchers, Bedrosian, Thatcher, and Pestano. Maybe Roth and Herrera stick around.

But I can't remember any season in which the team expanded rosters by more than just a few guys. Although I think all of the guys named above could help out, I would be shocked if all were called up.


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So who the heck is going to be our 5th starter?  And are we going to use him next week even with the off day coming up?  I think that would heavily depend on where we are in the standings at that point.


The 5th starter at this point believe it or not is rather moot.  The reason it was so important before was bullpen preservation.  Richards is gone and that's terrible, but at least in September the bullpen part is inconsequential.  You'll likely see Rasmus get stretched out further as well as guys like Roth and Rucinski eat some innings.


Believe it or not, I think I'm most looking forward to having Cron, Campana and Buck up.


Cron's a better DH that Freese could ever dream of being from the RH side.  Campana could come in a steal a base late in the games, which is something we haven't had off the bench.  And finally John Buck is a better defensive catcher than Conger or Iannetta and has more pop than the two of them as well. 

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I would still start Rasmus on Friday in Minnesota, and have him get to at least 65 pitches.

Campana could be what Figgins was in 2002.

Pestano makes the pen even deeper as he's getting closer to regaining his 2011-2012 form.

Roth might be a solid LOOGY in September.

Buck, as mentioned earlier, would allow Iannetta and his .811 OPS to DH more often in September.

Bedrock Jr. is still abusing AA hitters, and in a couple of appearances up here was looking better than he was earlier in the season.

We may not know the final 25 man post-season roster until the final series of the 2014 regular season is complete.

The rules for eligibility are more liberal than before.

If you were on the 40 man roster or the DL before September 1, you can be eligible.

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