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Use of Freese/ late innings.......

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I was at the ballpark for the games Friday/ Saturday night vs. KC.

Saturday night was the 13 inning marathon that started at 4:15 PM and ended after 9:15 PM.


In the Saturday game, Freese got on base late in the game twice -- I think once in the 7th and then, perhaps, in the 9th -- both times I thought Sociscia missed a good opportunity to pinch run for Freese who is a terrible base-runner -- slow with no apparent base running instincts..........


it was in the 9th when Freese got on base and then McDonald pinch hit (for Ibanez) behind him and McDonald put down a perfect sacrifice.......anyway, Freese (and at this point I am shouting -- c'mon Sosh pinch run for Freese) then promptly runs into an out at third on a bouncer to the third base side of the mound and gets tossed out a third.........amazing........


if that's not bad enough, Freese STAYS IN for D after that (McDonald could have easily stayed in the game and the DH/ now pitcher's spot moves to Freese spot in the line up) ........So Freese stays in, McDonald the guy with the great D down there is on the bench and KC hits a groundball between Aybar at SS and Freese at 3B that Freese doesn't even seem to move on -- Aybar seems crossed by Freese but it's the third baseman's ball anyway -- and the hit scores a run for KC -- Halos lose.


I just think Freese (who has hit of late) needs to be taken out of almost every game for a D replacement in the 7th inning and if he gets on base late, needs to be pull immediately for a pinch runner....


Meanwhile, earlier in the same game, Pujols is on second, ground ball to infield, Pujols holds, waits for the throw and scampers over to third base -- great play at the time and it ended up manufacturing what was then the go-ahead run (at the time) for the Angels.........


oh well -- little things like this (Good stuff -- Pujols) is what wins games and (BAD stuff -- Freese) and loses games.

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