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Game Day Prediction Game - 2014 Rules and Information


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With our team rounding into shape, the 2014 Game Day Prediction Game will begin it's 2014 season with opening night, Monday March 31st.  This will be our 5th season.  Past winners are tomsred (2010), monkey (2011), Soto Speaks (2012), and the Defending Champion is AngelsAndRamsFan (2013).  Heavenly Halos and Ray McKigney finished second and third last year.  AngelsAndRamsFan also holds the record for most points scored in a season with 126.  The winner this year will again receive a $100 Angels gift certificate courtesy of AngelsWin.  There will be prizes for the second and third place finishers which will be specified later in the year.


In 2013 5,060 predictions were made over the course of the 162 game regular season, and over 43% of the predictions scored points.


In 2014 there are no substantive rule changes other than we will abide by the new AngelsWin Code of Conduct specified by Chuck Richter on March 17th.  If you intend, or are thinking about playing in 2014 it's a good idea to review the Rules which are shown below.  If you have never played before, definitely read them so you can compete effectively.  Any questions or comments can be posted in this thread or sent to me via a PM prior to the season opener, and we can get them resolved before the season starts.  The Rules and Scoreboard can always be found during the season in the PINNED Thread section that heads this Forum.




Good luck to all who decide to participate!







Predictions must be for an Angels Starting Batter, a Starting Pitcher or Relief Pitcher, and how they will perform in a particular game. Only ONE (1) prediction is allowed per

AngelsWin registered member, per game. The Game Day Prediction Game is for the regular 2014 season only, and it does not extend into the playoffs.




Predictions are for Angels players only.  Your prediction for a Starting Batter must have only two elements. The first element is how many at bats he will have
(not plate appearances) along with the number of hits achieved for the day, and the second is an additional statistic limited to how many singles, doubles,
triples, HR's, RBI's, Runs, or stolen bases. A zero (0) prediction for at bats, hits, or any of the individual additional stats is not permitted. An invalid
element in the prediction invalidates the entire prediction. You must predict two, and only two elements for the prediction to be valid. A one element
prediction is deemed to be an invalid prediction. (See the scoring section below for how points are awarded.)

Example for a Batter: Pujols 2-4, 3 RBI's, NOT Pujols 0-3, 0 HR's.





Your prediction for a Starting Pitcher also must have two elements. The first element is how many innings the Starting Pitcher
will pitch that day (including partial innings), and the second element is an additional stat limited to Earned Runs, Strikeouts (K's), Hits, or Walks
(BB's). You must predict partial innings, such as 5.2 innings or 7.1 innings. A zero prediction for the number of innings pitched is not permitted. You may
predict a zero for the amount of Earned Runs, or Hits. (See the scoring section below for how points are awarded.)

Example for a Pitcher: Weaver 8.1 Innings Pitched, 0 Earned Runs, NOT Weaver 0 Innings Pitched, 0 strikeouts.




In 2014 Angel relief pitchers may be predicted.  A relief pitcher prediction must include two parts, the first part is the number of full or partial innings the pitcher achieves,

and the second part will be the number of earned runs, strikeouts, walks, or hits.  Zeros are permitted for all of these categories for a relief pitcher, except innings.  You will

score two (2) points only if both parts of the prediction are correct.  There will be no one (1) point awards, or bonus points, for a reliever.




Until September 1, 2014, duplicate predictions are allowed.  Starting September 1, 2014, duplicate predictions will not be allowed.  Should you predict the same entire

prediction as someone did earlier, your prediction will be invalid, and the earlier prediction will stand.  Please review the submissions ahead of you each day before predicting.

This rule prevents blocking whereby a leader could continually replicate a poster's prediction in second place to prevent relative change in position.



Predictions or edits made after the first pitch are invalid. Generally the administrator freezes the thread at first pitch.
Anyone may start the game day prediction thread for any given game, but please use the title as follows: Game Day Prediction, X/XX/XX Vs. (Opposing Team

Name). The administrator may merge the thread into one before or during game time.




If you are unsure of whether an Angel player is starting because you do not have access to the starting lineup, then you may specify one, and only one, alternate prediction if

the first player does not start. Example, "Pujols 2-4, 1 HR.. if he does not start then Trout 1-4, 1 double." This rule applies when predictions can be duplicated only. If duplicate

predictions are NOT allowed this rule does not apply, and you cannot post either/or predictions because they give the following players less to choose from in making their prediction.




In 2014 you cannot predict ahead of the upcoming game.  You may use a proxy (another AngelsWin registered member) to predict for you.  The prediction must state for

whom the prediction is being made.  The administrator, or other ineligible to win participant, cannot serve as a proxy for this purpose.





Scoring has not changed for 2014 compared to 2013. You can score between 1, 2, 3, or 4 Points per game.  Getting one of the two elements for either a Batter or a Starting Pitcher

will score ONE (1) Point for that day. Getting BOTH elements correct for a Batter or a Starting Pitcher will score THREE (3) points for that day.  You may receive a bonus point,

for a possible total of FOUR (4) points, if part of your prediction for a hitter includes the correct number of home runs, or triples.  You may also score FOUR (4) points if your pitcher

prediction includes correctly predicting a starting pitcher as giving up zero (0) earned runs over 7.0 innings or greater, and if the innings are exactly correct (including partial innings). 

The bonus point for a hitter or pitcher is only possible if the entire prediction is correct.  Relief pitchers can be predicted in 2013, but they will earn only TWO (2) points if both parts of the

prediction are correct.  One point will NOT be awarded for a relief pitcher prediction if only one part of the prediction is correct.  There are no bonus points available for relief pitcher predictions. 

Invalid predictions do not score any points.  Generally, scoring updates are published at the end of each series, and daily during the last couple of weeks of the season.
The administrator will serve as a referee and may play along, but is ineligible to win prizes.  The administrator may designate other players as ineligible to win based on a conflict of interest,

because of purposeful or repeated rules violations, or because of they are disruptive to good sportsmanship.


On March 17, 2014 the AngelsWin Code of Conduct was re-established by the Board of Directors.  The tenants of that code will be strictly enforced in the Game Day Threads.  The Game Day Admiistrator

has the authority and responsibility to take those steps necessary to ensure compliance to the new Code.  Please play the game responsibly, and in the spirit of good sportsmanship. 





The person scoring the most points by the end of the season wins a $100 gift certificate to the Angels team store. There will be prizes for the second and third place finishers yet to be determined. 

These will be announced later in the year.  In the event of a year end tie, the tie breaker will be the most three and/or four point predictions achieved for the entire year. The second tie breaker

will be the number of three or four pointers achieved for the month of September. If still tied, the tie breaker will be the most three or four pointers achieved in the month of August, and so forth

reverting back through the months of the regular season.




2013 Champion:  AngelsAndRamsFan

2012 Champion:  Soto Speaks
2011 Champion:  m0nkey

2010 Champion:  tomsred


The points record in a season is 126 AngelsAndRamsFan, 2013).


The points record in a month is 32 (AngelsAndRamsFan, September 2013)


The record for 3/4 point wins in a season is 24 (AngelsAndRamsFan 2013)





tomsred is the current administrator.  He is responsible for maintenance of these rules, umpiring day-to-day game prediction issues, and insuring compliance to the AngelsWin Code of Conduct

in the Prediction threads.  Questions or suggestions regarding these rules may be sent to him by an AngelsWin  Personal Message (PM).





1.   AngelsAndRamsFan.....126 (24) - May and September 2013 Player of the Month AS13


2.   HeavenlyHalos.....100 (14) - June 2013 Co-Player of the Month AS13


3.   Ray McKigney.....95 (18) AS13


4.   Redondo.....92 (18) AS13


5.   Ochocinco!.....92 (16) - August 2013 Player of the Month


6.   paws*.....91 (15) - July 2013 Player of the Month AS13


7.   JAHV76.....85 (15) AS13


8.   SoCalSportsFan.....85 (8) AS13


9.   2002_halos_II.....82 (11)


10. katrinab.....81 (8)


11. ZachMartin1994.....80 (8)


12. Troutipoo27.....79 (11)


13. Jellybean.....73 (8) - June 2013 Co-Player of the Month


14. Jeff M.....69 (12) AS13


15. Jimmag.....68 (12)


16. TCB.....68 (8)


17T. BatsnBeer.....64 (9)

17T. GoodTimesGoneBad.....64 (9) AS13


19. Jeff S......61 (8) - 2012 Champion


20. Mark68.....59 (9) - April 2013 Player of the Month AS13


21. tomsred**.....59 (3) - 2010 Champion


22T. Angels N Skins.....52 (9)

22T. notalpujols.....52 (9)


24. The Angels.....42 (7)


25. True Grich.....38 (7)


26. Torridd.....37 (4)


27. angelfan61.....37 (3)


28. bigfish27.....32 (4)


29. Angels_Baseball.....31 (4)


30. AZMike.....27 (2)


31. Tank.....24 (1)


32. EDinTUSTIN.....20


33. Jammer36.....19 (2)


34. HaloFromVegas.....19


35. SoWhat.....18 (2)


36. tdawg87.....14 (2)


37. nando714.....13 (2)


38. Kenny.....12 (2)


39. STLCardinalsFan.....12 (1)


40. Peyton.....11 (2)

41. Lawrence.....10 (3)


42. Pbonetheman.....9 (1)


43. The Dude.....8 (1)


44. stemyn.....7


45. scooby10672.....6 (1)


46T. cezero.....6

46T. m0nkey.....6 - 2011 Champion


48T. George.....5

48T. ispy45.....5


50. hk47.....4 (1)


51. Geoff Stoddart.....4

52T. GalericX.....3 (1)

52T. nate.....3 (1)

52T. poker1.....3 (1)

52T. StephenGlansberg.....3 (1)


56T. Agalloch.....3

56T. Jim.....3

56T. Kody Mac.....3

56T. Primitive.....3

60T. CaliAngel.....2

60T. CardsFanVegas.....2

60T. Eric.....2

60T. LBHalos17.....2

60T. open_speed.....2

60T. rick99gtp.....2

60T. Waller.....2


67T. Angel Dog and Beer.....1

67T. Catching Trout.....1

67T. Cory.....1

67T. Dochalo.....1

67T. ELEVEN.....1

67T. Eric Notti.....1

67T. ettin.....1

67T. failos.....1

67T. Hans Moleman.....1

67T. ineedanap.....1

67T. rafibomb.....1

67T. rageous.....1

67T. RallyTime.....1

67T. Sciosciapath.....1

67T. TrumBomb.....1



Following each player is the year to date points total, along with the total of 3 and/or 4 points wins shown in parenthesis.


AS13 - Designates the player is a 2013 All Star selection.

* Not eligible to win prizes  (conflict of interest)

**Administrator, not eligible to win.

Edited by tomsred
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