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Does anybody watch infomercials purely for entertainment purposes?


I think my favorite would have to be the ones about colon cleansing.  The host was a guy named Klee Irwin and he talked about seeing his toddler daughter's craps in the toilet, claiming they were the diameter of his arm.  That's when he realized his colon was clogged up and needed help. 

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One that I saw tonight seems pretty ridiculous: The Bullseye Pee Pad. Apparently your dog hits only the target in the middle when peeing on them instead of everything running off the pad - or so the sales pitch goes.


But wait! There's more! If you order in the next ten minutes, we will double your order!

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I really dig infomercials. These guys are mad dogs when it comes to sales. I would never buy, but I can totally see how these guys get bank for their shit.


The ninja blender guy is awesome

The set it and forget it guy is a bit too cheesy, but I bet he cleans house in the midwest

You'd think by now everyone would know that Kevin Trudeau is a crook, but that dude keeps coming out with books and crushing it. He might be the smoothest infomercial scumbag of all time.



I love the fake TV Network Talk Show angle, where he just plays a guest. 

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I get caught up watching HSN sometimes. It cracks me up how--no matter how big a piece of crap the product they're selling is--they talk about it like it's the greatest thing on Earth. If you don't buy the product, you will regret it.


I was watching HSN several years ago and they were selling herringbone necklaces - Technibond, I believe. Some of the dialog:


"You just can't control what's going to happen with those herringbones."


(In worst foreign accent imaginable, probably from India or Pakistan):


"We know what we doing!"


Also, why is the pitch man often British? Is that really a selling point?


To some people it is. British accents are associated with being sophisticated and smart - although the people who believe that haven't met some of the Brits I know. Great guys, but not exactly on culture's cutting edge.

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Ha, I forgot about that ladder one.


The one that always pops in my head is an extending ladder and it was awesome because the guy or chick is talking in front of the camera and in the background someone climbs the ladder to clean a high window and falls while the announcer still goes on.

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