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Last minute entry. Parent of the Year.


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It doesn't involve a toddler, but a former subordinate has an entry that I believe at least deserves honorable mention.


I had a nurse working for me who was very good at what she did. Her husband was a truck driver who was on the road a lot. Things deteriorated in her relationship, and she returned to Oklahoma (where she moved to Las Vegas from) to try to repair her marriage. I began seeing things on her Facebook page that concerned me. Every entry was about partying, staying out until all hours, etc. - something that a licensed professional her age doesn't normally engage in. She eventually divorced her husband, and she contacted me about reinstatement to her former job. She was a good employee, and I had no reservations about helping her return and hopefully get her life back on track. I had no open positions at my facility, but I assisted her in getting on at a place that had a vacancy. This is when the fun began.


Unbeknown to any of us, she had hooked up with her ex-husband's best friend, who was her new "soul mate". I have never met either her husband or the new boyfriend, but chances are that if they are best friends they are a great deal alike - meaning that the outcome is likely to be similar. About six months later she was arrested, along with her boyfriend, for running a marijuana grow house. The police found over 30 plants in the house, plus 60 grams of marijuana already bundled for sale, along with about $100K in cash. This is bad enough were it the end of the story, but there is much more. The boyfriend, among other things, was changed with illegal possession of a firearm - meaning that he is a convicted felon. She worked for the Nevada Department of Corrections with a part-time job at the Clark County Detention Center - where she was taken after her arrest. Her 15-year-old daughter lived in the house, and they provided her with marijuana. She shared a bedroom with the boyfriend's 20-year-old son - but I'm sure that nothing was going on.


I was especially concerned because if she received a prison sentence my facility - where she once worked in the infirmary - is the only place in Nevada that she could have been sent. I made several contacts asking that the powers-that-be begin looking at a Corrections Compact transfer to send her to another state should this happen. Apparently the charges against her were dropped in exchange for her rolling on the boyfriend, as she returned to Oklahoma and she is apparently still neck-deep in partying. I don't know what happened with her daughter.

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