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Things that are broken on this team


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Bullpen, most of it.

the toughest fix for this team, but totally doable.  two to three quality relievers so guys like gutierrez etal aren't even a distant memory



already gone.  need a starter now, but any league average player would be an upgrade



I think it's clear that he is toast.  If he is anywhere near the halos team next year, I will be pissed.  One of the worst starters in the league would be an upgrade.  Richards will easily outdo his production



He's made 20 starts this year out of necessity.  hopefully he goes back to his role as a serviceable long man in the pen


Baserunning, which has ranged from overaggressive to absurd

seemingly, the team has a license to do whatever they want on the basepaths.  As long as MS is manager, I don't think this changes.  The team baserunning metrics, however, are about league average.  Probably because of Mike Trout.


Pitchers failing to hold runners on base

Won't ever change unless different pitchers are brought in.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of focus on it.


Catcher's defense

Ianetta is pretty bad.  Conger a bit better.  Not likely to be stellar any time soon, but with conger, it can be reasonable.


Situational hitting

Seems kinda fluky because they have guys that put the ball in play.  It'll regress next year (likely)



I don't think anyone knows what we are going to get from him going forward



Was very concerned about him after his poor second half last year and horrible spring.  Actually predicted that he would end up in the minors before the end of the year.  The only thing that has kept that from happening is his first two months of the season.  If another team values him, they should trade him this off season as quickly as possible.



Pete is hurt until proven otherwise.  He's a premier defender that should be able to hit well enough.  If he is the weak link next year, that means they did a bunch of really good work in other areas. 



Not a good catcher.  Conger should replace him and we should get a better backup.



I wouldn't mind seeing Butcher go.  Otherwise I'm kinda meh on everyone else. 


Did I miss anything?

Defense - has gotten better now that blanton and hansen are out of the rotation.  Still needs work.  Lapses still seem to occur



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