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So if the Angels sell...(NL West Version)

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Continuing discussion on who the Angels could acquire if they're true sellers - which is still the likeliest outcome. I thought I would go through each division and break down some of the likeliest teams we deal with and some of the likeliest prospects we could target or hope to receive. 

The first thread in the series: NL East | NL Central

Please try to add your own thoughts onto which prospects I might have missed or who you think would be the best outcomes in true selling scenarios...no need to devolve into fantastical Adell for Berrios/Scherzer/Alcantara-type deals in this thread when we have that in others. 

San Diego Padres: Seeking SP, RP, OF, almost anything

  • Tucupita Marcano, 21, MLB, IF: 
    Pads’ #5 prospect on MLB.com, superb discipline and plus-plus Fletcher-esque contact skills, light on power, just okay defensively, but versatile, blocked in SD, on 40-man. Higher floor, lower ceiling Rengifo? Dealt to Pittsburgh 7/25 in package for Adam Frazier.
  • Reggie Lawson, 23, AA, RHP:
    #7, one of many Padres arms on the mend from TJ, has back-end rotation or dominant bullpen stuff if everything clicks, on the 40-man.
  • Mason Thompson, 23, MLB, RHP:
    #10, injuries have bumped the 6'7" RHP into a bullpen future; exactly the type of arm the Angels drafted this summer, on the 40-man and ready to contribute. 
  • Anderson Espinoza, 23, A+, RHP:
    #11, sort of the Padres' Chris Rodriguez, pitching this year for first time since '16, a high upside lotto ticket if there ever was on, future likely in bullpen, on the 40-man. 
  • Steven Wilson, 26, AAA, RHP:
    #16, standard issue relief prospect here, think Ty Buttrey, fastball topping near 97, slider, some command issues, R5 eligible this winter.
  • Mason Fox, 24, AA, RHP:
    #22, strong high spin-rate fastball-curveball mix, another reliever prospect whose ceiling will be determined by his command, and also R5 eligible this winter.
  • Brandon Valenzuela, 20, A, C:
    #26, defense-first switch-hitting catcher from an org that produces solid receivers, limited offensive ceiling but having a good year at Lake Elsinore, R5 eligible this winter.
  • Osvaldo Hernandez, 23, AA, LHP:
    #29 crafty lefty that's buried on depth by flashier arms, a true pitcher-not-a-thrower with a plus curveball, R5 eligible this winter.
  • Henry Henry, 22, AA, RHP:  (@Angels Fan Forever)
    Not ranked, 6'4" reliever with firm fastball and slider and a track record of solid, steady, success, albeit not very flashy. R5 eligible.

If there was a ever a team where the Angels could quickly improve their young bullpen corps, it's the Padres. I really like how the Angels match up with San Diego in terms of landing impact relief prospect talent, and while there would be a lot of risk in targeting volatile arms like this, if the Angels were able to snag one of Lawson, Thompson or Espinoza (maybe even with Fox or Wilson if they throw in a SP or a prospect of their own) for Iglesias/Cobb, they would go a long, long way to immediately adding young, MLB-ready arms with big upside to their 2022 bullpen. The Padres are under a bit of a 40-man crunch too between the number of R5 prospects they have and the numerous players in and out of the IL this year.

The big question is one that has been a recurring theme; the Padres, like many of the teams expected to buy, likely will aim higher than what the Angels have to offer, and there isn't much exception here. Sure, Alex Cobb and Raisel Iglesias would be upgrades to this team, but the Padres could just as easily look to guys like Joey Gallo, Kyle Gibson, Craig Kimbrel, Jose Berrios, Taylor Rogers.


San Francisco Giants: seeking rotation and bullpen help, OF

  • Patrick Bailey, 22, A, C:
    #6, Bart draws all the attention, but Bailey is a very solid catching prospect with offensive room to grow, switch-hitter, should advance quickly and be a more realistic trade return than Bart. 
  • Camilo Doval, 24, MLB, RHP:
    #24, unusually unique pen arm with an extreme variance of outcomes, from up-and-down waiver wire arm to something much better, already on 40-man, big strikeout stuff and command issues.
  • Kervin Castro, 22, AAA, RHP: (@Second Base)
    #25, a former catcher, firm fastball and strong curveball, still newish to pitching but boasting strong command and solid results, already on 40-man.
  • Ricardo Genoves, 22, A+, C:
    #28, a bit of a bat-first catcher showing improving defense, he has a strong arm but is a little slow behind the plate, he'll hit R5 eligibility this winter (before Bailey) making him a good trade candidate.

The Giants are a great team to match up if the Angels were looking to add a significant catching prospect, as a resurgent Buster Posey and an emerging Joey Bart make both Bailey and Genoves expendable. The big question will be if the Angels match up with the Giants needs well enough; Iglesias and Cobb are the Angels' best trade chip but the Giants might not need either. It's easy to see San Fran choosing to either go with someone of more impact, or someone who costs less in a trade, meaning that if the Angels were to match up with San Fran, it might be that this was one of the best offers they received.


Los Angeles Dodgers: seeking pitching upgrades

  • Brusdar Graterol, 22, MLB, RHP:
    Considerable talent with some questions about health, elite velocity and a wipeout slider, unlikely Dodgers would part but health concerns and urgency to win could make him a surprising target.
  • Keibert Ruiz, 23, MLB, C:  
    #1, arguably baseball's best catching prospect, switch-hitter, exceptional contact skills, some power, and tools to be a solid receiver, though likely nothing extraordinary. Dealt to Washington in package for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner 7/29
  • Josiah Gray, 23, MLB, RHP:
    #2, former infielder and a little undersized for a SP at 6'1", features strong fastball and solid slider and curve, should be a solid mid-rotation arm, MLB-ready. Dealt to Washington in package for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner 7/29
  • Diego Cartaya, 19, A, C:
    #6, strong arm and on-field leadership presence make up for somewhat lacking behind-the-plate skills, 6'3", 220 frame offers significant projectable offensive upside. 
  • Andy Pages, 20, A+, OF:
    #8, almost an Angel in fabled Joc/Strip trade, strong blend of power and speed, borderline Top-100 player with lots to dream on. Are the Dodgers open to moving him? Was it Billy or the Angels that wanted him?
  • Gerardo Carrillo, 22, AA, RHP:
    #17, undersized arm with heavy, sinking fastball with two functional breaking pitches and a usable changeup. Future likely in relief, already on the 40-man.
    Dealt to Washington in package for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner 7/29
  • Michael Grove, 24, AA, RHP:
    #19, fastball-first arm who has lost significant time to injury, has secondary pitches to develop as a SP, but might be better groomed as a multi-inning FB/SL reliever, R5 eligible.
  • Jesus Galiz, 17, Rk., C:
    #21, exceptionally raw talent with lots of projection on both sides of the plate, agile and athletic behind the plate with an advanced offensive approach for a teenager. Extreme lotto ticket.
  • Andre Jackson, 25, AA, RHP:
    #26, former OF converted to pitching, likely to wind up reliever due to walk issues but features big strikeout stuff and strong results as a SP. Already on 40-man, could be interesting 2-way conversion project?
  • Carson Taylor, 22, A+, C:
    NR, switch-hitting, bat-first catcher with significant long-term questions behind plate, but also solid power, solid contact, and advanced discipline (30 BB to 29 K), could advance quickly and be useful in Halos system.
  • John Rooney, 24, AA, LHP:
    NR, polished arm with three-pitch mix displaying significant uptick in strikeouts this year, though with control issues. Could move quickly as a lefty reliever who holds own against RHB, R5 eligible.

With one of the deeper farm systems in baseball, the Dodgers are a popular team to discuss in scenarios in which the Angels sell - and why not? They have a surplus of catching talent, an area where the Angels are severely lacking, and have a faltering bullpen and thin rotation that could benefit from the Angels' vets. As with many other teams the big question will be whether the Dodgers aim higher or look to upgrade in the margins. Crosstown rivals do not deal often, but with the Dodgers prior interest in names such as Taylor Ward and Luis Rengifo, and Perry's connections to the Dodgers via Alex Anthoupoulos, Alex Tamin, and Brian Parker, there could be potential for a fairly large deal here where the Angels swap several names for several names in an effort to help both the Dodgers' near-term needs and the Angels bigger picture. 


Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies: selling at the deadline 

If any trades are made with these teams it will be because the Angels flipped to buyers. 


Which prospects might you want to see the Angels acquire from these teams if they become true sellers?

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16 minutes ago, jsnpritchett said:

I think you mean the Dodgers have a surplus of catching, not a dearth. But I agree that one of their catching prospects should be a target--and in personally fine doing something like R. Iglesias and Cobb to get Ruiz (assuming the Dodgers would even do that).

Yup - that's what I get for not proofing...

I would be stunned if the Dodgers paid that much. I could see the Dodgers being a team where we pull off one of the huge, multi-player deals that Minasian was a part of in Toronto or Atlanta though, and perhaps that's part of the framework. Maybe the Angels include a far-off Top 10 prospect for some near-term help, etc., or vice versa with the Dodgers sending far-off help for some of the Angels more MLB-ready talent like Thaiss, Rengifo, Barria, Suarez, CRod. There's a lot of fun options to play with here.

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2 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

Bailey may be the most realistic catching prospect acquisition.

I agree - and I think that would be a pretty good return all things considered. He could be in line to appear in '22 and then theoretically  replace Stassi after next season. He'd arguably be one of our Top 5 prospects if not higher.

Would atone for that Will Wilson trade a bit too.

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11 minutes ago, Fish Oil said:

I'm not aware of any plausible arguments that place Ruiz above Rutschman, but I get your point. This is who I would like to see us target, but we have nothing to offer of equivalent value.

I definitely would not put Ruiz over Rutschman, just that he's in the mix for top catching prospects across baseball, as once was Jeff Mathis with Joe Mauer. 

I kind of like Cartaya more, personally. Catching prospects with a lot of shine tend to not live up to the hype, and more often it's guys like Cartaya who sneak up and have better careers. 

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I'll also add that this could be a good division where including or selling someone like Mayers might also get you a much better return than simply dealing rentals.

A team like San Diego might be inclined to move a couple of their more volatile relief arms for someone like Mayers who offers additional control, helping save them a 40-man spot for someone with more of a track record.

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9 hours ago, totdprods said:

I agree - and I think that would be a pretty good return all things considered. He could be in line to appear in '22 and then theoretically  replace Stassi after next season. He'd arguably be one of our Top 5 prospects if not higher.

Would atone for that Will Wilson trade a bit too.

Or be a great 1-2 (Stassi and Bailey) long term?

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Great post @totdprods. I really enjoy looking at these. 

As hard as it is to stomach (due to So-Cal pride and rivalry), I REALLY like the trade options with the Dodgers. Jesus it feels weird saying that.

Given their Bauer situation and the imploding bullpen, they really are down on their luck. With Heaney, Cobb, Iglesisas and Mayers likely moveable (assuming Minasian realizes we should sell), the Angels can really help their chances for 2022.

I still like the idea of getting Andy Pages (thanks Arte). And I wouldn't mind a package deal of Gray and Pages for Adell and someone....

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