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Flashback Friday: The Josh Hamilton signing


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This one got a lot of reaction:


spacer.gifnav-messages.gifPosted 2012-12-14 8:24 AM (#1901609 - in reply to #1899384)
Subject: Re: Angels sign Josh Hamilton 5 Years/125Million (Updated**)

Posts: 4
  Has Hamilton picked out a southern Kalifornia bar yet where he will get drunk and cheat on his wife?
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Oof.. that was a crazy morning.


RIP Big Joe, who broke the story, when many people attacked his credibility.


By recommendation of Chuck, I have stopped drinking red bulls and energy drinks since then.


At least on this thread, nobody attacked his credibility.  Several people had no idea who he was.

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I thought this was funny:



I don't buy it. The Angels have been about "character" guys in the Arte Moreno era. This move would be inconsistent with that philosophy. More likely they're just trying to jack up the signing price for Texas...



Hamilton doesn't have character?

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Unfortunately, this was one of those times i wish i was wrong.

I knew hamiltons numbers wiuld dip a bit leaving texas, but didnt think theyd fall this far (dont think anyone did). But like i said in that thread, we shouldve been focused on pitching that winter, i remember really wanting anibal sanchez.

Hindsight being 20/20, sanchez and keeping trumbo would have been far better

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Chuck Richter
spacer.gifnav-messages.gif Posted 2012-12-13 11:10 AM (#1899620 - in reply to #1899384) 
Subject: RE: Angels closing in on deal with Hamilton (Updated**)

Hall of Famer

Posts: 29182

Location: AngelsWin.com: Where Angels Fans Are @
If Hamilton signs with the Angels I'm buying all of Cory's drinks at our Fanfest gig March 16th.







I'm still waiting on that tab you promised to pick up.

Edited by Cory
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Angel Oracle

Posted 2012-12-13 10:02 AM (#1899428 - in reply to #1899426)

Subject: Re: Angels in serious discussions with Hamilton (rumor)

Sign Hamilton and then trade Morales, Richards, and say Cron for a REAL #3 starter.


We make the best GMs.

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