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Perfectly stated

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A friend of mine wrote, "The Royals showed the Angels that you can't buy moxie."


Perfectly said. Now the question becomes, how do you assemble a team, or teach a team, moxie? The 2002 Angels had it, the 2014 Royals certainly have it (even if they don't go all the way, what they've done is remarkable). But the 2014 Angels don't have it and, unless something changes in that clubhouse, the 2015 probably won't be any different.


Of course it could be that the last three games could be the lesson this team needs. I hope so.

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Remember when GRich went down and the team rallied and went on an absolute tear?  Remember how we were all fired up that an Angels team was finally showing the grit (moxie) we had been longing for?  


They hit like s**t for 3 games.  Gritty people have bad games sometimes.  It sucks when it's us. 

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Team was too fired up in the division celebration.  They were talking as if they already had the championship wrapped up.  At least 5 players said were going all the way or something along those lines.  


Next year I think it will be different if we wrap up the division.  Maybe a little less excitement, a little more focus, and a little less cockiness.  

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Trout had Moxie his rookie year, guaranteeing the Angels would be in the playoffs. I think he traded that in for 9 more home runs, a lower batting average and on base percentage along with a league leading 184 strikeouts.


Wish he had kept the Moxie.

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Are we confusing "moxie" for guys who can have good at bats, show plate discipline, not swing at junk, have a good approach, and hit the ball the other way when necessary?


Thats what the Royals had, thats what we didnt have.  Thats why the Royals won.  Thats why they are the better TEAM.  No, they were not "lucky."


It also helps to play some defense.

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