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Construction on their new stadium should begin fairly soon.

The SILVER AND BLACK ATTACK annihilate the crappy Chargers for the 2nd time this season!!!!!!!!

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Holy crap!  I almost choked and died on my Cope reading this headline....

I used to root for them back in the Stabler/Caspar days but now,

GO GIANTS!  (started rooting for them when my dad said EffYou to the Rams after they split town, plus the rest of the family are lifelong fans)

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In all seriousness I love what the new regime is doing Oakland, they are trimming the fat per say (still need to cut Palmers ass).

My wishes for the draft this year is hope that someone falls in love with Geno smith and trade back in the 1st round and get a 2nd round in addition ( considering we don't have one ). Then with our first pick use the pick on the DL and maybe draft a QB with their acquired 2nd round pick ( Manuel, Barkley, or hold out for next year on QB ).

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My Redskins are playing @ Oakland this year. Who's down for a road trip? 


make sure your body armour, will, and life insurance policies updated to the latest technology - trust me, you'll need it. going to a raiders game in oakland is like going to chavez ravine, only about 200 times worse.

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