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Great article on Trout

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"According to Elias Sports Bureau, Trout is the first player in modern MLB history with 50-plus home runs and 70-plus steals before turning 22."


"Trout has improved his batting average, OBP, and slugging percentage, hitting .331/.424/.574. He leads the American League in hits and walks, and he's tied for first in triples and runs scored. Again adjusting for park effects, he's been the third-best hitter in the majors, creating 77 percent more runs than the average hitter, trailing only Cabrera and Chris Davis."


"Trout's on pace to rack up his second consecutive 10-win season. If he succeeds, he'd become just the second player since Willie Mays to pull that off. The other player to do it? Barry Bonds."


I mean... What can't he do?

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Bonds was juiced so who wants to count him. Trout stands alone. The best overall player to come up since Griffey Jr.


I'm sick of people knocking Bonds. Obviously he was juiced but


1) He was a great player before he (allegedly) started juiclng, and a better player than Griffey in almost any year you pick

2) Bonds is numbers are amazing even considering the steroids. Remember, a lot of other players were juicing, including many pitchers. Bonds was an all-time great before steroids, with steroids he's the one of the best two or three players in baseball history.


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I'm willing to say either let all of the juicers into the Hall, or none of them.

I will agree that before Barroids, Bonds was just about an elite player for the Pirates.

People forget that he made a good throw to the plate, after a bit of running to the ball, that Bream barely beat in the 1992 NLCS.

If there was less than 2 outs, Bream doesn't score.


But look at his head size in the late 1980s/early 1990s compared to during the 2002 WS, definately a noticeable difference. 


I haven't seen an all around player as good as Trout at his age since Griffey Jr. in the early 1990s.

Griffey Jr. had the better arm though.

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