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Trout on AL leaderboard for every significant offensive stat (Yes, more Troutporn)

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I'm not kidding. Check it out:



BA: .329 (2nd)

OBP: .423 (2nd)

SLG: .568 (4th)

OPS: .991 (3rd)

Total Bases: 243 (3rd)

Times on Base: 215 (1st)

Hits: 141 (1st)

Extra Base Hits: 58 (2nd)

2B: 32 (2nd)

3B: 8 (1st)

HR: 18 (15th)

RBI: (13th)

Runs: 78 (1st)

Walks: 67 (1st)

BB%: 13.2% (4th)

SB: 24 (7th)

Sac Flies: 6 (7th)

IBB: 6 (8th)



fWAR: 7.1 (1st)

rWAR: 5.7 (2nd)

wOBA: .422 (3rd)

wRC+: 176 (3rd)

WPA: 3.29 (5th)

Adjusted OPS+: 179 (2nd)

Runs Created: 111 (2nd)

Adj. Batting Runs: 50 (2nd)

Offensive Win %: .805 (2nd)

Power-Speed #: 20.6 (1st)


The only stats for which he's not in the top 10 are HR and RBI, and he's in the top 15 for those. Most of the stats he's in the top 3 or 5. I've never seen anything like it - not this much across the board, and in every single aspect of offense.

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All that said, I was surprised to find that there's one obscure Fangraphs statistic for which Trout is worst in the league. Its called "Clutch" and it measures a players performance in high leverage situations vs. his normal performance. Of 85 qualifying AL players, Trout is #85 at -2.34.


You know, its been kind of irking me for awhile - that it seems that Trout has performed particularly poorly in high leverage situations this year. Seems like the numbers bear this out.

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Just imagine how more productive he would be with Pujols and Hamilton playing to their capabilities so intentional walks like last night wouldn't be isued defusing scoring opportunities. Pitchers would have to come back to the strike zone in hopes of not extending the inning.

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Nothing wrong with getting on base. I'm fine with as many walks as possible, intentional or not. Get on base.


I wish Hamilton would do that. They offer him first base every time if he would be willing to drop a bunt down the 3rd base line. He just won't take it.

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His adjusted OPS+ is higher than last year's wonderful season. The kid's getting better. Imagine what he'll do at the ripe old age of 25.


My guess is that he improves slightly until he has his best years at age 24-25, then drops a bit at 26 (but still among the best in the game) and plateaus for five+ years.


But who knows - anything is possible with this kid.

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wow. that is extremely impressive.  Angels better lock his ass up this off season or there will be bad blood come free agency.  

Somewhere in the USA, in Little League, there's a kid we could build a team around in about 10 years. We'll finally get it right and make the playoffs in 2025, after a 15-year drought.

Who knows, maybe we'll even sign a 33-year old FA named Mike Trout after the Yankees let him go.

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