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Bold Predictions for the 2024 Los Angeles Angels

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The bolder, the better.  Put it on the line and see what comes of it. 

1. Logan O'Hoppe is an all-star - Fan voting produces ridiculous results, but I think O'Hoppe's numbers will be strong enough that any bias can be overcome. 

2. Nolan Schanuel wins Rookie of the Year - Wyatt Langford is going to be an elite outfielder and Future Hall of Famer in 20 years.  There, I said it.  But even the best (Mike Trout), have a steep learning curve.  So Langford will eventually be sent down before returning later in the year and will be productive.  The Orioles are going to manipulate Holliday's service time.  Evan Carter is legit and will be a fantasy darling for years to come, but he's young and he's going to be platooned.  Yet Schanuel, is going to be with the Angels the full season, will be in the lineup regardless of pitcher and will also be hitting in a prime spot in the lineup.  That's something most rookies don't get the benefit of the doubt on.  Schanuel hits .290/.400 with 90 runs and 20 HR.

3. Mike Trout is healthy for 150 games, and isn't GREAT, but still really good - Just learning how to handle yourself as you age, plus the benefit of DH whenever he needs it, will keep Trout in the lineup.  No, he won't be the 10-win player he was.  But he'll still be a 6-7 win player and all-star. 

4. Chase Silseth is their best starting pitcher, and that's a good thing and a bad thing - I just don't think the Angels pitching staff is going to be that great.  They'll be consistent, but consistently mediocre.  In the simplest of terms, they allow too many base runners and too many timely hits.  But Silseth will continue to learn to move the ball around and generate weak contact. 

5. The Angels have a top 5 bullpen - This comes down to sheer numbers.  Yeah Estevez and Stephenson can be great.  Soriano too, if he's not starting.  But beyond that, having guys like Garcia, Moore, Soriano, Joyce and more on the way working in lower leverage relief, puts the Angels in a position that they'll always have someone capable of stepping into a role. 

6. The Angels finally begin to sell pieces off - Despite having a healthy season from Trout the progression from their youngsters, the Angels still won't be int he playoff hunt, come the trade deadline.  Rengifo, Hicks, Ward, Drury, Sandoval and Estevez all finish the season on other teams, and the Angels begin to stock their farm. 

7. Trout asks for a trade in November, but nothing will come of it - The Angels entering their rebuild, and Trout entering his age 33 season with no team success to speak of, will finally yield its logical conclusion.  He'll want out.  Yet the fact remains, any team acquiring him is going to be paying him 37 million per year for his mid-30's.  That's the part of the contract teams are willing to tolerate when they get that same player for 20 million a year in his late 20's.  Trout obviously isn't in his late 20's.  Some teams will kick the tires, like the Phillies, but no team is going to take over that contract AND send prospects the Angels direction, which is what they'd want.  So Trout will stay put. 

8. Rendon isn't very good, but he also won't be released - Partly because he has a NTC, partly because no team wants him, and partly because he fills a position that the Angels otherwise wouldn't have anyone to fill, beyond the trade deadline. 

9. Jo Adell is spends most of the season on the bench - The Angels don't want to lose him for nothing, so he'll just sit there and play maybe once a week, not doing much, at least until the trade deadline.  Ward and Hicks will be dealt and Adell will take over.  And ultimately, the end result is the same, low OBP, lots of power and speed. 

10. Arte Moreno puts the team back on the market next winter. 

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Kelvin Caceres is the Angels best reliever at season’s end.

Nelson Rada makes his MLB debut towards the end of the season.

Jo Adell outperforms Mickey Moniak (is that bold?)

Angels attendance dips below 2.25 million.

Arte signs a big name free agent to a $250M+ deal.

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1 hour ago, Angels 1961 said:

Ippei gets job at sports book at Whiskey Petes 


12 minutes ago, Angels 1961 said:

With new identity Ippei gets job at Panda Express at Anaheim stadium. 

Which one is it?

Also, the bolder prediction here is that the Angels bring back Panda Express.

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