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The Rangers made this look easy

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First of all I can't stand either team. However credit to the Rangers. They lost 102 games in 2021 and are now playing in the World Series. All they did was put together a team based on their needs. Offense and then pitching. Is Arte really this dumb? How is it the Angels can't do this? I understand it's not as easy as 1,2,3 since you have to walk-the-talk on the field, but gee this it's frustrating to watch other teams pull this off. 

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2 hours ago, fan_since79 said:

And they have a good, experienced manager who's won big games and World Series. Not a Phil Nevin.

This might be their year finally to win it all. Garcia is a beast. The whole team except Semien is hot.

Bruce Bochy, in my opinion, is the best manager in the AL.

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I don’t know about making it look easy, they spent $500 million last off season on a middle infield, then gave an incredibly dumb contract to deGrom this off season, along with signing 3 more starting pitchers and trading for two others, one of which will be a complete waste of money in Scherzer, who is guaranteed $43 million next year. They won because of defense and enough hitting. 

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34 minutes ago, Taylor said:

Any route to success looks easy compared to the Angels.

These are actual baseball teams with pitching, defense, and clutch hitting. The Angels are a bunch of guys who get hurt constantly and miss weeks or months, that's about it. 

5-10 year rebuild, if we're lucky.

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Im glad to see them there if for no other reason than to reward the effort they made and the money they spent. 
It was for them the only path to it in the short term, as is the case for us, and they took it whereas we did not. 
I will pull for them to win it all at this point frankly for that same reason, they deserve it for the effort made. 

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49 minutes ago, AngeLifer said:

   Glad to see the Asstros lose, still amazed they chose to ruin their reps permanently when they had a good enough team to contend anyway. Rooting for Rangers now, as nothing motivates like a close competitor reaching the prize. Maybe that will light a fire under Angels mgmt to spend over the cap.

That’s wishful thinking at this point 

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On 10/24/2023 at 9:05 AM, AngeLifer said:

 Maybe that will light a fire under Angels mgmt to spend over the cap.

I'm not counting on it. The Angels last won the division in 2014. Since that time, a division foe (who provided the blueprint for elevating an organization from terrible to dominant) has appeared in the World Series three times, winning it twice. You have seen the result.

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