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Angels acquire Dominic Leone for Jeremiah Jackson (move Bachman to 60 day IL)


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Just now, Second Base said:

I'm really not sure why. Dominic Leone is not a good pitcher. 

Looks like he had a fairly solid July.  Denno if he figured out anything or improved somehow, as I don't know much about him, but that's the first thing that stands out as I look at his splits.

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  • mmc changed the title to Angels acquire Dominic Leone for Jeremiah Jackson
1 minute ago, TroutField said:

Now I’m thinking what a package of bush, Quero, Jackson, Albright could have brought back. 

The rest of the trades were fine but I don’t agree with this at all. 

Yeah, I'm not sure this trade was particularly necessary, but I'm interested to see what Perry saw in Leone.  I don't know too much about him, so I'll have to see what some of the reports indicate he can do.

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Dominic Leone is a journeyman that wears down easily and is a choke artist with the game on the line. Jeremiah Jackson is going to be a utility infielder with speed and power, but not enough bat. 

It's not enough to be irate over, but it's dumb and unnecessary. 

Edited by Second Base
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Don't forget Coleman Crow and Landon Marceaux for Escobar. On value for value basis, that might be the worst one.

According to our very own Angelswin pre-season rankings, DiMinasian has traded away our #4, 5, 13, 14, 16, 18 prospects...six of the top 20. With O'Hoppe, Neto and Silseth graduated--not to mention Bachman and Joyce--that's probably four of the top 10.

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Just now, TroutField said:


FIP of 5.26 this year, yikes 

At this time of year, I'd say look at the monthly splits to see if the trend is positive:




Not great, but it looks like he is showing some improvement and his K/9 jumped up in July - perhaps a sign of improvement?

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