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Our manager doesn't know rules regarding mound visits

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Also, who the hell gives an IBB to Adam Rosales to load the bases...to then have a righty face the left handed Seth Smith


This is why I think he didn't know what the count was. He was so upset with Maronde that he wasn't going to let him throw another pitch. The umpire made him throw another pitch, so Scioscia made Maronde throw a wide one.

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Our GM doesn't know how the build a pitching staff.

He knows how NOT to build a pitching staff:


free agent relief pitches. Apparently that's the baseball equivalent of dropping a stack of C-notes down on 33 black. 


Apparently the way to build a pitching staff is to hire overrated sluggers to 9 figure deals followed by trading good offensive players for mediocre flyball pitchers, then going dumpster diving for releivers cut from other teams.

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It sure seems like that.

And to think he was the same guy as D-Backs interim GM who pawned off a 30 year-old on us for two very good pitching prospects in Skaggs and Corbin plus Saunders.

In retrospect I'm beginning see that trade more as reinforcing just how bad Reagins was, not evidence of Dipoto's "JeDi" mind tricks :(

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I'm on the fence about DiPoto's pitching moves. I would not have made the same moves and I would've invested more money in the pitching. 

That said, DiPoto does not have a lot to work with. He can't pull a pitching staff out of his ass. He added like 6 pitchers to the staff this offseason. 6 pitchers was clearly not enough, but who is available, and what do we have to trade? 

At some point we have to get around to placing the blame on the decision to push forward and go for it back in 2010, rather than try and rebuild.

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Trading for Haren, when we had little hitting, was pretty stupid.

This was the turning point. After we lost Morales we should have gone into rebuild mode. Chance of making a playoff run on 2010 or 2011 was very slim, especially when that trade emptied our already thin shelves of our best pitching prospects. This was readily apparent considering our plan A for offensive savior was Carl Crawford and our plan B was Vernon wells. 


Pujols and Hamilton was pushing all in on a bluff. Oakland and everyone else in the division is calling. We lose.

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I've missed most of the game. Can someone explain what happened and if the score was affected because of it?


Meronde crapped the field from the mound allowing baserunners on the corner.  Butcher comes out to settle him down and he goes 3-1 against the next hitter.  Then Scioscia wanders onto the diamond like a drooling drunken late-stage Alzheimer patient off his meds.  Scioscia gets pulled aside by the ump, turns around, wanders off the field, then Meronde throws an Intentional Ball to load the bases up. 


The next batter then cleared the bases.

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