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  1. http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/08/01/angels-to-wear-anaheim-ducks-uniforms/ This hat is so cool, anyone know any more details on acquiring one? I wish I could get the same hat with Angel only logo, does such a thing exist?
  2. Was that an important game? ^
  3. This will be my first spring training, my brother and I are heading out on Saturday March 12th and sticking around thru Monday, taking off Tuesday morning. I welcome all advice. I see the angels are in tempe that whole time - would it be worth it to skip one of the games and check out another stadium, which one?
  4. Would you trade him this year for a guaranteed world series the same year?
  5. http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/just-a-bit-outside/story/2015-kansas-city-royals-similar-to-2002-world-series-champ-anaheim-angels-103015 Thoughts?
  6. What did the Toronto fans do? I had to work/couldn't watch.
  7. This should still be available on mlb.TV, right? Please?
  8. Whats the longest game day thread ever? 52 pages has go BW up there.
  9. So if we win tomorrow and Houston loses today and tomorrow we still tie for the second wild card? Shitty situation.
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