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Legal online poker in U.S. starts today.

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Sounds about right that poker players would already be discussing ways to circumvent the rules.


However, with this being VERY closely monitored right now by the Gaming Commission and other agencies, they better watch themselves.

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With it only being intrastate, I'm really wondering how many players they can get.

There were many online players that moved out there. Aside from online you have WSOP, Five Diamonds, Festa al Lago, and the WPT Championship.

But traffic will be slow, I heard the interface was basic and the games are smaller limits. No real incentive to play when you can make more $/HR live than the $5 games offered.

It's a start though and this is the guinea pig for more sites and states.

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Some pros I know are chatting about simply having a phone line in Vegas and playing, is that so?

I think some are doing some trickeration with the IP address to play.


i didnt read the article. are they saying its legal in vegas only?

that would be super easy, you just need to route the traffic through a local ISP.


even easier, hide a little machine on the roof of a starbucks.

use a solar cell so you dont have to deal with power supply.

hijack the free wifi.

then just log in remotely to that box and play poker from there.


or pay a local $100 to let you put a machine on their network.


a smart person sets up a little mini cloud and rents out VMs by the hour to people who want to connect remotely and play.

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Yeah, anywhere in Nevada on that site you can play. Looks like a lot of the hiccup is with the payment processors and their screening. I didn't really follow all the social media updates nor have I read much outside of friends playing or trying to.

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Pretty sure that was a joke.  For one thing, it isn't worth it to play on that site at this time.  Not like we are talking about PokerStars.  


Good news this week... California tribes are now behind online poker in California.  

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