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Hamilton 0-8 Needs to Drop Down The Bat Weight

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Red, what makes you think bat wieght is Hamilton's problem? If you were to look at how many times he swings out of zone you might understand it has nothing to do with his swing mechanics or bat speed, it has to do with having no pitch recognition. This is not a physical problem this is head not screwed on problem.


Rather than rehash something Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs posted today maybe you could look at the article and see that it is not about bat wieght.




Basicly it comes down to his ZContact% (contact with pitches in the zone) has not changed over his career. His O-swing% (how many pitches he flails at out of the strike zone) has increased from a 36% when Hamilton was an MVP type player to a 46% where he is now.


Even his O-Contact% has decreased so that says he has widened his zone so much he can't reach the pitches to even put bad contact on the ball and subsequently his strikeout rate is increasing.


But his bat wieght has nothing to do with any of that and neither has air density..



He's strong but he doesn't have the lighter Texas air to swing that big of a stick anymore. The heavier marine layer density you can see is just dragging him from behind.

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Why would you want to see a guy with little to no plate discipline in the #2 position of the batting order? He is hitting .219 with a .267 obp and you want to see more a bats from this guy?


1. Trout

2. Hamilton

3. Pujols



I actually wouldn't mind seeing this for a few games.

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With a right hander up the 2nd baseman covers on a steal leaving the right side open. Most teams use a shift on Hamilton to start with so the 2nd baseman would stay in place and the SS would cover on a steal playing close to the bag. That does not either help Trout's running game or keep them out of a double play. Hamilton in the 2nd spot is not going to change the way they pitch to him, already they are throwing faux pitchouts and he swings at them.


Obviously, Hamilton's success would depend on Trout getting on base and becoming the SB threat he was last year.  Torii is a right handed version of Josh and look what it did for him last year.

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