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Is This A Playoff Team

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Got better in the OF (almost anything different from Joyce is a upgrade though, so that's not saying much)

SP is very meh. Hit or miss and inconsistent all season

BP- below avg besides Smith and Street

INF- avg? Cron is definetly a downgrade when he's at 1b

Bench - got better I think with the additions of the 3 OF's

Look at the remaining schedule and our record against "playoff teams" (7-18, I think) I'm going to say no this isn't a playoff team. Waisting trout's prime years (3 out of 4 season's he'll miss the playoffs)

Again, I'll self ban for the post season if we happen to sneak in. That includes a WC game

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I think so. AL is pretty weak this season. No clue if they win the division because the Astros have definitely improved and they probably already have more premium talent on their roster right now, but I don't see why this team won't get one of the 2 WC's


On paper, I don't feel comfortable thinking this team will make any serious WS run but all you have to do is get in and then who knows. I didn't think the Royals roster last season could make a serious WS run but alas


Who are the threats for these WC spots?



White Sox?





that's it, right? Other than the Jays, none of those other teams stand out

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Hey Homebrewer where have you been lately? I missed you during that 17-3 run we were on, oh and most of the second half of last year. It's nice to have you and your balanced approach back.


that wasn't predictable at all

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Is it a playoff team? Not really. Will they make it? Probably. Will they do much in the playoffs? Not if Trout and Albert don't hit. Not if Calhoun strikes out with runners in scoring position and less than two outs. Not if CJ Wilson pitches like the guy afraid to throw strikes. Not if Richards pitches scared. Not if Disar windmills any and everyone home. Could this team get hot and do some damage in the playoffs, sure but it isn't likely.

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Also another huge question is does Sosh have the nads to put CJ Wilson in the pen? 18m dollar middle reliever

We know weaver will never sniff the pen unless it's pre game warm ups or if he's warming up to go in during a game 7 playoff game.

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