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The stadium had problems too


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Wow, the food service lines were insane last night!  By the 3rd inning, the wait in most lines was over an inning long.  Service was really slow.  I walked down from view level to the main concourse and it wasn't any better.  Ended up waiting through a line for a beer and hot dog.  The hot dog was cold to the touch, so I just threw it away.  Worst I've seen the service at the stadium in a LONG time. Maybe my timing was just bad though.


The only short line I saw was 5 people deep for $13 Leinekugels (sp?).

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The stadium concession service has always been terrible. It's by far the slowest I have seen at any stadium I've been to. There is no urgency with the employees and they are always super sluggish. And it's been like this for years. Last night it took me over 20 min to get a soda and I was only the 4th person in line.

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Nothing worse than getting a cold hot dog, as if they cook them the day before and refrigerate them. Many of the other stadiums I went to had the grills out in the open so you saw you were getting a hot dog or brat freshly cooked or at least it was warmed up before going into a bun.


It is an overhaul the stadium could do and rid us of kiosks that get their food service elevatored up to them from a main kitchen. It is one of the reasons I will grab stuff from the outdoor grills at the entrance of the park.

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Regarding the lines - they are ALWAYS the worst during the Opening Homestand.  ALWAYS.  You are dealing with people that haven't done their job on a consistent basis since last SEP or they are new hires.  Add to it the crowd of Opening Night and it is a recipe for disaster.  Anybody remember the year they ran out of hot dogs in the 3rd inning of Opening Night?  Aramark is the WORST and one could only hope that their contract is not renewed and the new company that comes in can either train their employees or fire them.


Regarding the escalators - its not the first time they have had broken escalators on Opening Night and it wont be the last.  The stadium is in disrepair.  I have been saying it for years.  They do a great job and sprucing it up each year but the core structure is also pushing 50years old.  The escalators are part of the core.

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