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Baseball Prospectus: 20 Bad Josh Hamilton Swings


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Sam Miller article on BP: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=24791


Need a subscription but the readable introduction says it all: ".... his win probability added is -.483, as in, he has done more to cost the Angels than anybody in the series other than Hosmer...."




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Who allowed Hamilton to hurt the Angels in the postseason? Scioscia. Besides Scioscia, did anyone think that playing Hamilton was a good idea?

It's the postseason. You want to put your team in the best possible position to win games... and Scioscia has failed miserably.

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Experimenting with Josh Hamilton in the postseason. Come on. The guy has looked awful and lost since April. He has done nothing to inspire any sort of confidence whatsoever. And then he misses the final month of the regular season with some sort of mystery ailment that sounded more and more like anxiety/a mental issue with each description.

What in the world made Scioscia believe that Hamilton was in any condition to contribute positively? After being out for so long AND doing NOTHING since April?

The Angels were doing just fine and winning without Hamilton.

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I would consider this season a success if Scioscia gets fired. Scioscia is clearly stuck in his own ways and you will never hear him take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. F him

I wanted to see Scioscia get fired after 2008. That definitely didn't happen...

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Hamilton apparently wasn't capable of playing at any point of the final week of the regular season. But a few days after the final series of the regular season he's ready to go? And keep in mind that when a player is out for so long, you usually see them on a rehab assignment to get some work in and get acclimated to actual game conditions again. There was none of that here. And never mind that Hamilton did nothing positive since April (and looked bad doing it).

This was a massive fail by the Angels organization. You just don't F around in the postseason. And Scioscia is the one who ultimately writes the lineup card and decides who plays and who doesn't. It's all on him.

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