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How the hell


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It's because he's the head of the umpire's union.


That in itself tells you how awful the state of umpiring is today. Now that it's the postseason Joe gets his chance to shine. He'll make it subtle at first before blowing some asinine call in the late innings that costs one of the teams a game. His name gets googled a few more thousand times, and he sells a few dozen more records because of it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


I honestly hope he chokes on his own neck fat and dies. Call me classy. He's a piece of shit.

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Without the Skanks and Red Sux playing, the fix is now in for an O's/Nats WS? 

If NYY and BOS are out, FOX isn't going to want two teams in the same region in a series. My guess is they'll be pushing for the world series that is probably the least-favorite preferred possible outcome by most on these boards: O's / Dodgers.

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joe west-  charter member of my umpires hall of LAME.

i just loved the sign at angels stadium re. doug eddings: "hey doug, does your wife know you're f****** us?"

and just to be politically correct and race sensitive, how bout that alphonso marquez?

how mlb can continue to trot these sorry sob's out there is beyond me. they really weaken the great game.

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It's gotten worse since Richie Phillips was forced out as the union chief quite a few years back.

Didn't think that was possible back then, but that old saying is true.

"If you don't think things can get worse, they will."


Hurry up with perfecting cloning, then Jim Joyce could be cloned something like 59 times. 

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thre's a couple of guys out there that are really good. consistent strike zones, alert calls in the field.

west and the others appear to want to make themselves the stars or at least to put the focus on themselves.

i always figure an ump is doing a great job when you dont even notice him.

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