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Grade inflation, UNC style

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I'm here in North Carolina thru Sunday. I'm having lunch with the teacher of this class tomorrow. I'll see what I can find out.

Btw, if any of you ever get out this way, you need to eat at Tupelo Honey's. It's outstanding.

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By the way, this is not a new or unique thing (I'm sure you're all shocked). I remember my high school German teacher telling me about getting fired from her GTA position at the University of Colorado for refusing to adjust grades for certain athletes... And that was in the 70s.

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Chris Kluwe responds:

I was going to write a big piece about how the entire system is corrupt because it's taking value from both athletes and students by creating the idea that athletics is more important than being a functioning human being, but you know what?

If people don't realize that by now, then f*ck it. They're never going to be convinced otherwise.

I made $10 a page writing papers for teammates who didn't know how to forge a coherent argument for whatever bullshit class it was they were taking at the time, and since rent at UCLA was almost $150 a month more than what my scholarship check covered (with a roommate), I was happy to do it, mainly so I could buy food, and take my future wife out on a date every now and then.

Was I helping guys cheat the system (and themselves)? You betcha, because eating is important (as is getting laid), and the $780 a month the NCAA so graciously provided for my full athletic scholarship does approximately jack sh*t for living expenses in certain parts of the country (mainly NY and LA, though there are others). Not to mention the fact that I wasn't exactly writing Mensa applications for these guys, but they were there to play football, nothing more, and all they cared about was staying eligible. We all knew it, and that's what the school encouraged (as every functioning college with a football program does).

(Oh! And at the time, I wasn't allowed to hold a job to cover the difference in rent, because that would've violated my "amateurism" (though where I would've found the free time to do that around the football practice schedule I have no idea), soooooo, yeah. I still don't know how walk-ons do it. Those guys will always have my respect.)

I guess basically what I'm saying is the NCAA can f*ck off and die in a car fire with their million dollar yacht cruises and bonuses and bleating cries of "amateurism" as they laugh all the way to the bank every year, while another athlete who'll never go pro has to figure how to make his/her way in the world with a degree in Turf Management the school pushed them into to stay eligible.

(Fun fact - You know how the NFL is collectively shitting its pants over the concussion issue? I can't WAIT for the day that lawsuit hits the courts against the NCAA. Cannot. Wait.)

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